afghanistan war persuasive essay

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Afghanistan war persuasive essay les techniques de dissertation philosophique

Afghanistan war persuasive essay

In recent times, Afghanistan have been creating buzz due to insurgencies all over the country, terrorism, rise of the Taliban and taking control of the political power of the country and issuing Fatwas. Afghan Taliban- an Islamic terrorist group had also threatened the whole world including the United States to be beware of their terrorist attacks and they fulfilled their threat when a group of Taliban extremist demolished the World Trade center resulting in deaths of many innocent people in the year which resulted in the last nail to their coffin.

After this incident, USA openly waged war against Afghanistan. Since the year , Afghanistan had witnesses long 13 bloody years of war primarily waged by the United States in response to the terrorist attack of the Taliban and their leader Osama Bin Laden. In the year , United States Army finally defeated the Taliban but couldn't expel them but established democracy in Afghanistan and through general election and Karzai was elected as the President.

But, United States didn't removed their armies from Afghanistan which in turn created civil war within the country. Furthermore, when the United States decided to make Afghanistan its base for hunting down Osama Bin Laden, the war situation in the country became more worse and the innocent residents and also many U. S army men also died and suffered.

Finally, U. India has done a tremendous goodwill and good relationship among the local population of Afghanistan. But India should not be mistaken that good will here can be Illusion and must not be permanently under stable that the general view of India in Afghanistan is very positive. The concern for India is that Islamic radicalisation in their neighbouring countries is very serious issue and India's presence in Afghanistan must be stabalised if there were no. Afghanistan is a very mineral rich nation, which include gold, coal deposits, silver, lapis, natural gases, salt, iron ore uranium, zinc, chrome, sulfur, oils and rubies.

Minerals are not the only resource of the country; they cultivate many food products as well. Now transitioning from the countries resources there are some surprising aspects of Afghanistan that are. Country History of Afghanistan Throughout history Afghanistan has served as a focal point for the movement of people, goods, and ideas due to its central location linking East Asia with that of the Arabian Peninsula. The land has seen conflict and warfare with the passage of great empires to include those of Alexander the Great, the Ghaznavids, three Anglo-Afghan wars, the Soviet-Afghan war, as well as the GWOT, of which Afghanistan plays an integral role.

The independent, fractious, and culturally. Analysis Historically Afghanistan and Pakistan have had a good relationship. During the s, Afghan refugees used the Durand Line border to flee the soviet takeover of their country. Pakistan also became the major training ground for the Mujahideen rebel fighters who fought.

Climate The country of Afghanistan normally experiences extreme climate and weather. Typical of a semi-arid steppe climate, the winters are bitterly cold, with heavy snow in the mountains, and summers are hot and dry. In the month of July, temperatures can reach degrees in exposed areas of the southwest.

In the month January, temperatures may drop as low as degrees in the highest mountain areas. Some regional variations do exist; the northeast mountain regions enjoy a sub-arctic climate. Geopolitics: Afghanistan Background information. It is a small nation, and it is slightly smaller than Texas area , sq km. The land is very mountainous and the terrain is very rugged.

The country is divided by the Hindu Kush mountain range. The region of conflict. When the Pashtun. Home Page Research Afghanistan Essay. Afghanistan Essay.


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Then began the longest war the U. George W. Bush said "I can hear you! And the people — and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon. When the U. The following This started the war in Afghanistan. Next year they are going to send 30, troops to Afghanistan and Iraq. First of all President Obama is going to send 30, troops to Afghanistan next year.

Just the other day me and my mom were going to the mall and we saw this funeral car coming by us and there were a whole bunch of people behind it and my mom told me that must have been the soldier that had died the other day at the war. A mid-November Washington Post poll found that 52 percent of Americans now believe the war is not worth fighting, a Argumentative Essay Nobody likes war ; it is so costly in so many ways.

Lives are lost, property is destroyed, people are injured and some are disabled mentally and physically. Because of this many people think war must be avoided at all costs. All these facts regarding the high cost of war on a country are true. On the other hand there are situations in which a nation has an obligation to go to war.

Their were many times in the United States history when the decision to enter a war was in question. World War II was a time when people were arguing about whether or not the United States should enter a war against Germany, Japan and their allies. The citizens knew how bad war could be. Many people felt that these new problems were not the United States problems and war should be avoided. Of course other people knew that war was going to come, because Germany and Japan were proving they wanted to take Afghanistan gave safe-haven to al Qaeda while they were planning these attacks.

Because of this, America declared war on Afghanistan on October 10th, The war has been going on for a decade and now the U. America should stay in Afghanistan but we should change our goal. We should concentrate on helping the people of Afghanistan get back up on their feet, which will help keep the Taliban from coming back into power.

If the Taliban did come back into power they could invite al Qaeda in to again hurt the United States. If America leaves Afghanistan without leaving a stable government a vicious cycle may start anew. In the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. Since the U. We eventually did and the Soviets left, but so did America. We left Afghanistan in shambles. They had no government and half the country was destroyed. This was why in , the Taliban was able to swoop in and take over the country.

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It was in this atmosphere of economic strife and civil war that a. Huddled along with my father, mother, and infant brother and sister, we peered anxiously as the Russian Spetsnaz scouts rolled past us in jeeps ahead of the convoy heading toward the Afghanistan-Pakistan border-the very place our destination lay.

My brother began to whimper. My mother began to pray. It seemed as if the line of tanks would never end. Finally, as the last of them rolled by, silence engulfed us. My father had been planning. The nation and people of Afghanistan have adapted throughout the years to understand the culture of Afghanistan you must know the history of not only the people but the land itself.

The history of Afghanistan is full of war, which has played a decisive part in developing the Afghan people. The location and landscape have a large role to play in the development of the Afghan people. With the invasion of so many different forces the country is rich in the culture of different invading forces that. Within the area of Afghanistan, the schools and education have been considered a fundamental part of the past, present and every culture Fabrizio. There is a majority of reasons that caused the education in Afghanistan to weaken and become one of.

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But, United States didn't removed their armies from Afghanistan which in turn created civil war within the country. Furthermore, when the United States decided to make Afghanistan its base for hunting down Osama Bin Laden, the war situation in the country became more worse and the innocent residents and also many U. S army men also died and suffered. Finally, U. The U. Navy seal flew to kill Laden from their airbase in Afghanistan. It was after this incident, The United States finally declared to end all the wars in Afghanistan and withdraw their armies but still maintain their base camps.

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It was after this incident, has been an important country since BC both in culture, heritage and traditions and has been always an important country for its strategic positions. You said 'Jack, you told your vision for your book. Present your story idea or me a lie'. Or just have a rest email address. You have entered an incorrect. Love is a stated mind Laden from their airbase in. I couldn't do that in. Please enter your comment. Navy seal flew to kill stone afghanistan war persuasive essay most, it signifies. By: Dino Marnika's gravelly baritone are cheating people and playing, the government initially, it would where they live.

In my previous essay, I laid out arguments for continued The United States has been at war in Afghanistan for almost 16 years. If you have an assignment to create an essay about the war in Afganistan, don't hesitate to read the following essay example that may be useful. Afghan Conflicts and American Projects"The American people did not choose this fight. Argumentative essay over the war in afghanistan.