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Struggle essay how to prepare a business plan for a beauty salon

Struggle essay


I wanted to ask the mother a question, the same one I had asked my mother as we were walking…. The caged bird sings in the middle of its struggle while a free bird watches. This struggle is something utterly impossible, and something that only a strong character could do. I chose these poems because today, we…. I lived with them until the age of 14 when my grandmother passed away. In June of , my grandmother became seriously ill; you name it, diabetes, kidney failure, and neuropathy all at once.

My grandmother at the time was only 52 years…. Moreover, I intend to continue acting on my integrity throughout my college experience in pursuance of achieving academic success in college as well as I gain encouragement to acquire a sustainable career. No one can avoid them. Although struggle can build strength in a person, it can also provide disappointment and harm. In life you go through many struggles. For many people they can be struggles with negative outcomes or they can be struggles with positive outcomes.

My journey thus far has had both a negative and a positive outcome for me. For my family and me, our lives changed forever on December 1st, when the stork would deliver one of the greatest gifts anyone would ever want. Being an older sister, I have had to face many challenges with all of my younger siblings before my younger sister was delivered…. I have and am experiencing a life that I honestly believe is not meant only for me but for a bigger cause.

In other words Henderson and I have a problem, a struggle, and a solution to our life changing experiences. The fight for the freedom of our…. Login Join. Open Document. My freshman year I experienced something that only a handful of teenagers have to deal with. Most high school athletes are able to make it through four years of playing sports with only occasional small injuries. I was not as lucky. I was just enjoying a simple game of indoor soccer when my knee gave out and pain surged up and down my body.

What was supposed to be a good time turned into an event that I cannot forget. Even to this day I can still hear my knee popping and cracking while my leg was wobbling like a noodle. I also had to deal with the fact that I would need surgery in order to keep playing soccer. The hardest part about deciding to have surgery was that I would have to give up a season of playing for my high school team. Although I could not play, I was still part of the team for the year I took off. I was the manager and went with the team to every game as I persevered through physical therapy and training.

Having surgery was a humbling experience for me, I went from being in great shape to struggling to bend my knee more than twenty degrees. I was suddenly on the same level as all the elderly people I shared physical therapy with.

Surgery is not as simple as I first thought it would be doing I had no idea that my leg would have to relearn all of the simple routines I was used to doing with ease. This is the ability to take multiple approaches to a problem, especially when the first attempt is not successful. When a student works on a problem, sometimes the first strategy fails, so the student must change tactics. This is akin to climbing a mountain. Sometimes, a path up the slope may look promising, but after following it a ways, it may turn out to be a dead end.

Then, the climber must back up and try a different way. Eventually, he may find a way that works. However, if he had simply given up and left, he would not have been able to experience the excitement of reaching the peak. Water continually dropping will wear hard rocks hollow.

The third skill that struggling builds is the ability to find relationships between problems of different types. For example, if a student is working on a science problem, and solves it a specific way, he can later solve some other kind of problem using a similar technique. He also may eventually use that kind of technique in his vocation. In addition, he may be able to apply the same strategy in different ways. This struggling allows students to gain a deeper understanding of why a solution works, instead of just applying a technique without knowing how it works.

This kind of skill is useful in many fields, including research and design. We need to steer our culture toward a willingness to struggle and grow. After all, who knows what new things may await us outside our comfort zone? Emmett Bicknell is a 17 year old homeschooled junior from Ohio. He enjoys mathematics which he plans to study in college , reading, and playing baseball; he also plays several instruments, including the piano, the trombone, and the viola.

He is currently working to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout. If you enjoyed this piece, take a look at some of our profiles of the names on our author bank, like Confucius , Dante , or Marx. You might also enjoy our podcast, Anchored , where our CEO and founder Jeremy Tate interviews leading academics and education advocates every week.

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