discursive essay on legalising drugs

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Discursive essay on legalising drugs essay on favorite plays

Discursive essay on legalising drugs

I did like that the facility is involved with a larger network that has services for clients that may be pregnant, HIV positive, and various other added problems. They also provide many group services at their. As of recent, the war on drugs has been a very often discussed topic due to many controversial issues. Some people believe the War on Drugs has been quite successful due to the amount of drugs seized and the amount of drug kingpins arrested.

I believe this to be the wrong mindset when it comes to the war on drugs. These minor changes in the way we combat drugs will create significant change and have lasting effects. Young adults experience a thrill when drinking underage knowing that they are adults, but are restricted from consuming alcohol.

If the MLDA was lowered, they would no longer have that thrill and it could lead to less alcohol intake. One reason many young adults drink is because they know that hey shouldn 't be doing it, however if this was just another right given to them, they wouldn 't feel obligated to take advantage of it, because it is just another privilege that comes with growing up and maturing into an adult.

Devin Stanford Mrs. Zupan Law Period 5 April 13, Drinking Age For years people have debated on whether or not lowering the drinking age is a good idea. It is a very sensitive topic to discuss because everyone has their own opinion on it. Alcohol is the drug of choice for most teenagers regardless of the rules that are in place. These were 39 recommendations on how to stop the drunk driving epidemic at the time.

How do you think the average American feels when he pays taxes to the government, just to know that it is going to people who use the money to buy drugs? In the technology we have today we can tell if a person is on drugs by three ways one way is urine, another way is blood and the last way is hair. These ways to drug test recipients are all efficient and effective. The most effective way is if you use hair to see if someone is using drugs you can usually tell for about 9 days it also depends on what drug they are using.

You will think, why them? The use of drugs is the biggest enemy of America. According to the Drug Use and Abuse, "there is a variety of statistics indicating that the 'war on drugs. Teenegers will drink no matter what so why not let them do it legally? Having twenty-one as the legal drinking age has driven drinking to the riskiest of settings. Drug legalization is the right decision for world. Big palace to slum there is a reign of drug.

For finding pleasure they choose the path of taking drug and then they lost their own little world; after that they get proper motivation for work. Its help them to knowing thyself. People work for a better life and better meal, but doing too many work with brain and body they become stress and after that they want a relief.

If they take weed they will get some moment which is only their own. We should use our nature properly and drug is one of the great creations of nature. Ostrowski , pp. So if these drugs are legal then all the countries government will have lots of tax revenue. In third world country like Bangladesh, India, Africa the children are also addicted to drugs and they are the main carrier of drug selling. But before legalizing of drug a minimum age should be mandated for the consumption of drugs.

After age of twenty they will have the proper maturity to understand the adverse effect of drugs. Once the drugs are legalized then the people will try it easily and day by day their interest in it will fall down. Alcohol is legal and its quality judge by its concentration. The legalization of drugs will do exactly same.

Show More. Read More. War On Drugs Legislation Words 5 Pages The war on drugs policy created a mass hysteria on drug and placed an instrumental fear in society. If the problem was solved, we would not see people checking themselves into…. Marijuana is viewed in a negative lighting by most since it is an illegal drug in most of our states here in the United States. It is under this label of being illegal drug that most people assume marijuana is bad for you.

But if someone was to actually do the research, they would find out Marijuana is not all that bad. If anything, the legalization of marijuana would bring forth benefits for not just the people, but also the state they are living in. They might not even be getting hurt because of drugs, yet they aren 't allowed to use them.

Drugs have always been a huge problem not only in America but everywhere. When people talk about drugs they usually point out all the bad it does for one 's health. There are many ways that legalizing drugs could help everyone.

Many people do not fully understand the properties and effects that marijuana has so they just consider it as if it were any other drug. However, marijuana is not like drugs such as heroin or cocaine.

Marijuana should be legalized because it could provide relief to patients with debilitating diseases, boost the economy and help the government, and it is not a lethal…. Studies show that tobacco is more harmful to the users health than marijuana is, but marijuana is illegal in many states.

Rhetorical Question Smoking and tobacco use is banned in bars and restaurants and even on university campuses. It is possible that people can get fired from their jobs because they cannot give up their tobacco use. Parents have been denied adoption rights because they smoke. Since marijuana is a weed that has many chemicals, this is very dangerous because when it is smoked, it is put into our system. People may say that medical marijuana is useful and can save your life if you use it correctly, but it has chemicals that can harm you and make you illness worse.

One of the hardest things for the use of medical marijuana is to hand out accurate doses of it. This is hard because it has chemicals and can become addicting if it is consumed in large portions. This is something that nobody wants, but are some of the consequences that come along with drug legalization. I do not feel that the American people are ready for things like this, but want drugs to be legalized.

Some politicians like Bunny Calvin think that drugs should be legalized in the United States. He states that our…. That in turn makes heroin and cocaine more expensive and farther out of reach from those who do not have a way to make their own income. It also helps prevent those that do buy their own cocaine from sharing with others due to the high price and low supply, effectively keeping the spread of the drug under control.

Children are less likely to come in contact with the drugs since they do not have the money nor connections to get to them. In regards to those who are already addicted to heroin or cocaine, it would be legally hard to get them a mandatory order to go into rehab if the hard drugs were legalized.

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A single person is yet to die from an over dose on marijuana, while millions of people die from alcohol and tobacco every year. If cannabis was legalized it would do many great things, such as create millions of new jobs. With the economy struggling right now in American this would help our country greatly. Another thing marijuana would do is eliminate the spending on preventing marijuana use in North and parts of South America.

If marijuana was legal it would give our government more time to look at more important issues, instead of preventing the use and selling of cannabis. Our government could focus more on the Today, the practice of euthanasia causes great controversy, so much so that it has been legalised in a few countries and remains illegal in the majority.

I will begin by listing the arguments against euthanasia 1. Choosing the time and place of a person's death is nature's decision, it has already been decided. In most major religions of the world, people believe that God should decide the time and place of your death and nobody else should ever interfere with your death. This argument suggests that we should never intervene in any life-threatening situation.

If a person is having a heart attack, should we just stand by and watch them die? If we were to seek medical attention in order to save his life, we would be interfering with natures will for that person to die. This argument contains nothing that can be rationally argued against because it does not tell us when it is ok to interfere with nature's decisions.

If we were never to interfere with nature then there would be no need to have doctors and hospitals. People who request euthanasia may be requesting it because they are depressed and they may change their minds. Learning is a life-long process, very much dependent upon perspectives one gets to see through.

Thus, one cannot obviate the need for considering the perspectives of others towards different situations. Greatest advancements in the past have been made through learning from the contradictory thoughts of others, and thus by modifying our own personal opinion. Thus contradictory thoughts play a very important role in enhancing our decision-taking power, as they give us a chance to weigh the pros and cons of a situation, and certainly give a boost to our learning.

The reason given, that disagreement may cause stress and inhibit learning, is not at all a sound approach to corroborate the claim. Many times the only solution to In addition, prohibition has hurt society more than it has helped. Also, marijuana can be used as a medicine to treat many life threatening illnesses. The legalization of marijuana will generate enormous tax revenue, reduce crime, and give sick patients a new effective medicine.

This enormous amount of money could be used for many other things, but instead is being wasted. Marijuana prohibition is a failure. Drug laws have successfully reduced the flow of marijuana into the US. This success is the main reason for the colossal amount of cannabis produced here.

Large amounts of marijuana are now grown on U. When marijuana is made legal, tax money Sign Up. Sign In. Sign Up Sign In. Home Essays discursive essay on the Continue Reading Please join StudyMode to read the full document. Argument Against Cannabis Essay Read More. Argument Against Segregation Essay Arguments Against Immigration Essay Arguments Against Abortion Essay Elisabeth bronfen s interpretations that read defloration as the need to be rm but fair can keep track of multiple intelligence that permeates the universe and entangled world inside, this tendency to identify the major this covers total systems implementation covers supply chain management iel.

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Legalizing Drugs Drug legalization is an enduring question that presently faces our scholars.

Best movie review ghostwriter website gb These two positions contain an array of angles that supports each issue. Page 1 of 50 - About essays. Free Product Liability Article Example. Although, pro-advocacy groups claim decriminalization of drugs will lower incarceration rates and boost the economy. Medical Marijuana - BusinessWeek.
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Discursive essay on legalising drugs Drugs are harmful to people, but webers thesis are very hard, almost impossible to get off the streets in not only the US, but other countries as well. Show More. Also, when compared to other substances that are legal we see the same social ills arise. Assault, property crime, racial and economic. Medical marijuana is often used as an anesthetic in a large number of countries all around the world Koch, First, marijuana has not been shown or verified to have any detrimental effects on the human body.
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