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Pop culture essays

It referred to things that were produced for the people instead of by the people, and it became a source of disdain for the educated elite. This attitude continues today, being carried forwards by religious groups and those who form their identity based on an alternative view of the ideals presented by the demands of popular society. With the advent of social media, it would seem that pop culture had gotten a little out of hand these days. Marketing schemes geared towards attracting potential consumers to a product make easy use of pop culture references and icons to sell both items and ideas.

This not only uses the culture—it changes and actively creates it as well. This carries forward the original view of pop culture as a manufactured set of ideals being created for people by an outside agency. Whereas every locality tends to create its own culture, pop culture tends to homogenize the differences between localities.

This contributes to a growing global culture, which is simultaneously advantageous and detrimental. It is advantageous in that it creates a common ground for people from vastly different backgrounds. People from different continents can discuss popular movies, games, books, and other forms of entertainment.

This creates a better sense of community worldwide. However, this could also present the potential to lose distinguishing characteristics of local forms of creation as people compete to become more like pop culture icons. It creates a unified measure of success that currently revolves around the continued obtainment of material wealth—an idea that cannot feasibly be practiced on a global scale for lack of resources.

As such, what pop culture becomes is largely up to those who take part in it. Can one consume pop culture without making his or her happiness dependent on living up to the standards it creates? Each generation of people has its craze which makes everything else to revolve around it.

The existence of pop culture is significant. It reflects desires, aspiration, and the mindset of people in present. It is interesting that formation of horror movies began at the same time with the cinema. The main reason why it happened was the popularity of genre.

Nowadays the most popular fields of modern culture are those that able to involve people in any community, and those that are interesting and entertaining. YouTube, which is a home to all popular culture ideas, Instagram, Twitter belong to the modern categories of pop culture. One can hardly imagine life without smart phone, selfies, and Facebook. These are the elements that indentify culture of the 21st century. A significant aspect of this century and modern culture is the need to make everything public.

People are no longer reserved. They have opened their lives to everybody. When a person wants know more about any group of people, he needs to know how they act, what they think, and what things surround them every day.

Popular culture reveals values. What people buy, how they entertain themselves, what are people doing in their free time. Although, the power of pop culture is real and huge, it is diffuse. It means that one even does not notice its effect on his life.

And its power is both diffuse and indisputable. Pop culture essays guide one along the route of information. People of all ages are connected with it. Elders watch TV and read magazines, and babies play popular toys. This culture makes people able to express their ideas and life. Everything you want people to know about yourself may be expressed through popular culture.

Most people post their selfies, life events, celebrations on Facebook. They discuss popular issues and express thoughts by using Twitter. It is needless to explain that these features are an integrant part of our life. One more important thing about essay on popular culture remains. There are six concepts of pop culture: achieved popularity, these are things that are liked by many people; culture of the people, it means nothing else but folk; postmodern culture, this concept does not recognize the difference between high culture and popular culture; not difficult culture, which is TV, radio and comic books; mass commercial culture, it provides people with pop culture; hegemonic struggle, which is the struggle of subordinate group to operate in the interests of main group.

Pop culture is not just movies, TV, and music. It is process that takes place between an audience and culture industry. So, popular culture is the negotiation between creator, audience, and media in this view. To sum up, there are things that are really popular, and there are things that seem to be popular.

Everything changes. In course of time popular things would be changed by new popular things. Thank you for reading this essay.


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