essay working on the day shift

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Essay working on the day shift sample resume objective for medical field

Essay working on the day shift


In regards to the patient, there are fewer patient handoffs, which is thought to allow for better. Late in the morning of the second day, she admitted a young patient. The physician had ordered an antibiotic to be given right away. The nurse picked up what she thought was the antibiotic and hung it without scanning the patient or the medication.

Summary of Position Paper Nurses encounter many difficulties on the job such as working long hours, which results in fatigue and inadequate patient safety. Multiple research articles from various timespan were studied to explore the outcomes of nurses working overtime. The research established that nurses working overtime not only had a negative impact on their physical and mental health but also on the rate of absenteeism.

The analysis of political events affirmed that laws have been put in place. Working hours and shift work Nurses are working under in a variety of shift work systems to be able to provide continuous care for patients. However, 24 hours workplace organizations are now very common, such as in the healthcare and industrial sectors. This requires the staff to be adapted with many various forms of shift work schedules. In terms of healthcare sector, the shift work schedules are considered shift duration which highlights two main categories of shift systems, each system provides 24 hours of care.

The shift work can be three eight hours shift, or two twelve hours shift. On the other hand, a twelve-hour shift is …show more content… While another finding revealed that the nurses worked for 49 to 55 minutes extra in each shifts ibid. Thus, there are different shift work systems that can be seen with a various healthcare organizations.

Fatigue and sleep 1. Fatigue refers to mental or physical tiredness, and lack of energy caused by prolonged an intense activity Hurd, This finding point out to the higher risk among women than men about 1. Nonetheless, this increased risk should be considered for female who work in the healthcare such as nurses.

Moreover, it reported that the consecutive shifts without having day off will result with fatigue, such as working with 12 hour shifts more. Get Access. Read More. The Positive Effects Of Hour Shifts In Nursing Words 5 Pages Introduction The term 12 hour shift is used to refer to a two shift system associated with an extended working day, as supposed to an eight hour workshift.

Popular Essays. Not getting enough sleep affects how the body functions in many ways. Understanding the amount of sleep people need, what regulates the amount of sleep a person gets, and how sleep affects a person 's health, is very important to the human body. Most people do not know the amount of sleep needed at night. He needs to pay back the two hours of leftover sleep the next night in order to have full alertness. That individual must sleep an extra two hours of sleep the next night because he needs to pay off his sleep debt and in order to have full alertness the next day.

In , it was found that women employed as registered nurses make up Throughout most of the experiment, the rats were kept awake, but during their mandatory twenty hours of wake per day, they had several attempts to sleep. This number of sleep attempts increased. On the first day, there was an average of 6. The numbers nearly quadrupled. Also, it was found that the occurrence of slow wave activity during the twenty wake hours in the day is negatively correlated to the slow wave activity during sleep.

In the summer we have festival to help the communities. There are more job opportunities because there are less people. Live in a small town also has its disadvantages. Because I live in a small city a have to travel three days of week to go to college because in my town there less college opportunities. Home Flashcards Create Flashcards Essays. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Sign in. Show More. Short Term Effects Of Sleep Deprivation Many people believe that when those immediate symptoms of sleep deprivation are no longer noticeable, there is not damage being done to your body and brain.

Read More. Words: - Pages: 7. Similarities And Differences Of Nursing Homes Since the majority of discharges during the year will be short-term patients we can assume that many of these were in care for rehabilitation. Words: - Pages: 5.

Thestore's Department Store Case The lack of employees has produced an initial increase in monetary savings but the prolonged effects of not having adequate employees will yield a large decrease in the revenues over an extended period Fd gqert q4tq gqert notice a lack of employees manning the store. Words: - Pages:

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