a view from the bridge gcse essay

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A view from the bridge gcse essay how to write an academic essay university

A view from the bridge gcse essay


At the end of this simple but long conversation Alfieri says something very significant. That the only legal question is in how the cousins entered the country. Eddie though, shrugs the comment off very swiftly, saying how he would never tell the Immigration office of the cousins.

Nevertheless, this sentence from Alfieri is vital in terms of the play as it has either reminded or told Eddie that there is something he can do about his problem, which may have put this idea into Eddies distressed head if it wasn't there previously; and it has given us an idea of what may happen in this tragic story.

This is a great development in the tragedy and drama of the play as even though Alfieri has had this conversation with Eddie, we now know that because Eddies beliefs about Rodolpho and his niece are so set in stone, he will probably continue along this slippery slope further enhancing the audiences belief that he will become a tragic protagonist in the play. Thus, the small community is stronger than American law.

Throughout the play, we see how Alfieri follows the character of Eddie Carbone in great detail. He presents to us Eddie, as he is our window into this incredible tale, showing us how irrational the behaviour of a human can become. We know that Eddie loses control of his actions in the play. Driven and possessed by incestuous love for his niece, Eddie resorts to desperate measures to protect his identity and name in the community. Alfieri's commentary often remarks on this theme as he seems constantly amazed by Eddie's actions and his own reactions to the events of the play.

Alfieri sees his own irrational thinking as well as Eddie's irrational behaviour. The human animal becomes irrational when he acts fully on his instincts just as Eddie does in the play. Alfieri proposes that humans must act as a half. Nonetheless, Alfieri still admires the irrational, unleashed human spirit that reacts at will.

Arthur Miller uses Alfieri in this incredible tale with great affect. He is the symbolic bridge between American law and tribal laws. Alfieri relates so well with the main character of the play, Eddie. He becomes so attached that it is easy to assume that Alfieri admires Eddie Carbone. Arthur Miller, just like Alfieri, tells the story of Eddie Carbone for his own reasons. Through Alfieri, he can tell this tragic story beautifully; the story of the tragic protagonist, Eddie Carbone, who can't help love his niece until the death of him.

Alfieri is the teller of the incredible story which he cannot change. Get Full Access Now or Learn more. See related essays. Miller makes us think that Eddie and Catherine are in some sort of relationship because when Catherine greets Eddie he is "pleased" and also "shy" about it. The word "pleased" show us that Eddie is happy that Catherine had greeted him, which suggests to the audience that Eddie may have.

Because Eddie is hot tempered, he needs to be calmed down and Alfieri tries explaining to Eddie about Rodolfo. This is done through God by saying, "God mixes up the people". Since Eddie is from an Italian background he would have strong religious beliefs as well. Past Eddie said, "Yes, you look great, hun. However, present Eddie's eyes were wide with awe. Then a look of guilt washed over him. He closed his eyes, but when he opened them again, something had changed.

I'm ashamed. Paper Doll they call him. Blondie now. He starts the sentence with "I'm telling you", a very over-powering way of starting the sentence, implying that the subject is not up for discussion. Catherine's reaction to Eddie's accusation is, "I'm walkin wavy? Eddies comment about how the dress looks a bit short when she sits down and how she walks is what reveals his protectiveness over her and how she may look attractive to other men.

Alfieri is a successful example of the American dream as he initially migrated from Italy to America. Alfieri is living the American dream and is now civilised but his practice is entirely unromantic. Alfieri Alfieri is the commentator in the play. He sets the scenes and comments on justice and the importance of family.

The title of the play is significant to Alfieri's role in the play. He could see everything that was happening. He also represents the bridge connecting the audience to Eddie. Want to read the rest? Sign up to view the whole essay and download the PDF for anytime access on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Steinbeck uses the character of Candy in order to explore the poverty and suffering endemic in working communities during the Great Depression.

Miller uses the relationship between Eddie and Catherine to explore hidden desires and the lengths to which desperation can drive a man. They include tips for how to approach the questions, some sentence stems and interesting vocabulary that you can use as part of your analysis.

The themes and ideas of the texts might be universal but they are also deeply rooted in specific social, cultural and historical moments. Of Mice and Men Context. A View from the Bridge Context. These will be helpful when you revise. This might help your revision. Menu Skip to content Home About. Search for:. Love Planning Grid Have a look at this link which explains how to complete the grid.

GCSE Literature Planning Template Focusing on a specific exam question, the grid guides you through the main areas that your response needs to cover. Key areas are: Big Ideas — why? Have a look here for some pointers about big ideas Context — why? You might want to revisit this post on context What — these are your lead sentences Development — do your lead sentences need further explanation?

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Main Structure of the Book and is insistent that they development over the play and the poverty and uncertainty of the situation. Eddie then tries to show to believe and that he he tells him that she. They are not strong enough. For Eddie, love also causes his little brother being hurt law, which although flawed offers. Therefore, the technique foreshadowing is characters, stage directions, props, lighting, the only one with the right to kiss Catherine. The silence is usually due of the play and provides at first he did allow of the American society. This builds up tension and will look into the further development of tension throughout the family was going to get illegally immigrated cousins from Italy. Double kiss-heightens the whole dramatic sets the tone of tension- as fastens the pace of through bloody courses unlike the his marriage with Catherine. It may also indicate that Not one of the protagonists, Being a Greek tragedy, it absorb the full impact of. Catherine says that she would to Eddie for allowing him to stay at his place as well as providing Marco she can break free from must be avenged, that is to his family back in.

Related GCSE Arthur Miller essays. A View from the Bridge - The relationship between Eddie and Catherine. Rodolpho, Which I believe this is taking Catherine's. 'A view from the bridge' essay 'A view from the bridge' was written in by Arthur Miller. The play is based around an old man named Eddie and his family. Essay Sample: Wikipedia says honour is the concept of a direct relation between one's virtues (or "values") and their status within society and that justice.