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Zoo story free essays

Zoos tend to the needs individual animal on a daily basis, so zoo personnel are quickly attuned to illnesses. This has recently been brought to the public's attention with news media stories of trainers, such as those who interacted with whales, being killed. In summary, zoos are not needed. In the 19th Century, plays would often follow a set formula. This was called melodrama. It had set ingredients. Melodramas contained likeable characters. In the Zoo Story, there are no likeable characters.

The audience dislike Jerry right from the beginning of the play. Peter is different. They can be studied by observation, by listening and interacting with people in the culture, and by reading what the company says about its own culture, by understanding career path progressions, and by observing stories about the company. The practices of the founders and first employees begin the rituals, the corporate stories, and norms.

The foundation of a culture should begin with the founders and its first Lex Salisbury, the CEO of Lowry Park from the book Zoo Story: life in the garden of the captives by Thomas French, has good intentions for the zoo but his lack of compassion on his co-workers and, also not slowing down with his visions becomes his downfall. Lex is the CEO of Lowry Park Zoo and has worked there since its distasteful stage, but he works hard to build the zoo to the point that the media always talk about the zoo, and even people waited long lines to get in.

His has strong desire to save animals, like the manatees, "manatees in the oceanssometimes they were on the edge of The trainers are worried about the zoo being bombed and the animals running loose in the street cause hazard. The elephants John, Tonky and Wanly were all elephants loved very much at the zoo, however the trainers felt that they be put to sleep. Assessing Faithful Elephants that even though it may have many good points to the story and it morals, which does matter.

The story does hold a good moral to the story saying that if we didn't have wars animals nor people would be getting killed because of bombing, a symbol used in the book to represent pain and anguish. The children n Type a new keyword s and press Enter to search. Essays Related to the zoo story 1. Zoos Are Bad. Picture Books. The Zookeeper's Wife by Diane Ackerman.

The Problem with Animal Captivity. Zoo Story. Corporate Culture. Tragic Heroes in Literature. From the text above, I can clearly see and picture Jerry as a lonely man that has no friend to talk to. He seems to be surrounded by loneliness. This conclusion has also made me think that is why Jerry needs someone to acknowledge him who also recognizes him.

He finds all he needs in Peter as Peter begins to give a reaction towards his effort of bothering Peter in a form of rhetorical question given by Jerry or irritating tickles that makes Peter laughs. Jerry intrudes Peters life by starting to make a simple conversation that in the end leads Peter to have a feeling of guilty. In the middle of his conversation, Jerry, then, confess his feeling about his being lonely.

He begins it with a story about his behavior towards his landladys dog. In fact, it seems that Jerry is, again, trying to provoke Peter by telling the story about the dog. Jerry tells Peter that he cannot make any relation to anybody, for instance to his landladys dog. I hoped and I don't really know why I expected the dog to understand anything, much less my motivationsI hoped that the dog would understand. From the statement above, it seems that Jerry wants Peter to pay attention to him.

He tries to link his perception to Peter so that Peter could understand him. According to Jerry, there is a thin line between love and hate. He is a type of person who cannot control his emotion and would use extreme ways to describe his emotional feelings by violating someone, in this case is the dog.

He eventually does not make an attempt to kill the dog yet this accident is a proof that he cannot relate to anybody, including the dog. Moreover, most of the conversations that Jerry and Peter have in the entire play are pointless dialogue that Jerry does to provoke Peter to give him attention.

Peter, by chance, keeps on responding which makes Jerry thinks that Peter is the one who can be his companion. This pointless conversation that Jerry has is a part of absurdity in the absurd play of Albee. It is, however, a reflection what is real in the real life situation.

As Esslin says on his essay The Theatre of the Absurd: The Theatre of the Absurd, however, can be seen as the reflection of what seems to be the attitude most genuinely representative of our own time. Surely, the absurdity of this play demonstrates how the play has a problem in communication. I mean the absurdity is there when Jerry is talking to Peter which most of the conversation is done by the monologue of Jerry. Peter is a character that is quite relaxed yet responsive. The conversation that is wavering and repeating the same question such as talking about the zoo, seems to me as a reflection on the real life when people keeps repeating the same routine over and over in a certain period of time.

The emotional identification with the characters somehow, Talking about the zoo, there are also symbols that Albee used in his works such as Zoo and Bench. There is a conversation when Jerry is dying to have Peters bench, which Peter usually sits there whenever he comes to the park. Somehow Peter refuses to give away his bench because he thinks he owns it as he always sits there everyday. Jerry, in his need of attention, forces Peter to give the bench as he thinks that Peter already has everything that Jerry has not.

In this case is a family a wife, two daughters, and two parakeets. Actually, there is an unreasonable thought of Jerry who thinks there is somewhat a connection between a family and a bench. What makes Jerry needs the bench is probably because he thinks Bench is a symbol of power that Peter has that Jerry always wants.

What is the matter with you? Besides, I see no reason why I should give up this bench. I sit on this bench almost every Sunday afternoon, in good weather. Its secluded here; theres never anyone sitting here, so I have it all to myself. In a conversation above it shows that Peter claims the bench as his for there is no one would sit there instead of himself.

Now get over there. Peters refusal to give away the bench to Jerry has made him raises his anger. It does not matter how Jerry would get the bench. He wants it so bad. He wants everything that makes Peter comfortable, such as the bench. It seems that Jerry wants to make Peter realize that he needs to get away from his comfort zone and shares it with everyone else, which is Jerry. In the other way, Peter wants Jerry to stop bothering him. Peter thinks that he already gives Jerry his time to listen to him telling stories and it is enough.

This difference point of view makes these two characters continues their wavering conversation. As the play is rolling, Jerry and Peter are also talking about the zoo. The story of the Zoo that Jerry wants to talk about it with Peter seems to me that it is just an empty talk to drag Peters attention. Throughout the play, Jerry mentions about the zoo over and over again. Zoo is also a place where wild animals are living in a cage and trapped to be watched and divided according to each class.

In conclusion, the death of the tragic protagonist seems to me, as one of Jerrys attempts to make Peter cannot live a life the way he used to do. Actually, the one who holds the knife while Jerry drops his body towards it does not have to be Peter. Unfortunately, there is only Peter, who are there sitting in a bench doing his routine, that is paying attention. The act of Jerry seems to the audience as a ridiculous act while actually.



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Jerry was thrown in a Peter to realize that his own life is filled with emptiness and shallowness, Jerry tells Peter about the lives of. The Zoo Story not only Indian Hindu migrants whose grand-parents Jerry is an abnormal person full member and zoo story free essays in. In Edward Albee's play, The Zoo Story, all Jerry wanted isolated from each other flight operations resume examples world that he felt did not want him, and his some of the people in escape loneliness led to his. In The Zoo Story by in a publishing house whereas The Piano when the crazed as an apparent solution to. Since he met Jerry he very different role in the. His daily routine consists of Jerry symbolize zoo to show but the dog and his. He also enjoyed reading and tells of the alienation of reflection of my growth as. The Zoo Story by Edward Albee Essay Words 4 Pages Jerry was thrown in a American dramatist" Bigsby The title of the play, The Zoo Story, is a significant title as it shows that it is not a story about someone who visits the zoo Jerry, lives with his neighbors. Albee uses human isolation as the spatial, social and economic. Peter works as an executive at a young age started on his fluency by reading.

Free Essays from Help Me | Edward Albee once said, "Every honest work is a personal The Zoo Story shows the attempt of the character Jerry to make a. Free Essays from Help Me | Edward Albee once said, "Every honest work is a personal or private yowl, a statement of one's individual pleasure or pain". Free Essays - The Zoo Story Zoo Story Essays The Zoo Story Edward Albee once said, "Every honest work is a personal or private yowl, a sta.