persuasive organ donation essays

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Persuasive organ donation essays business plan for beauty therapy

Persuasive organ donation essays


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After you die, your organs are useless, they have no meaning, or purpose, but they could. Why not give them to someone who needs them and would make use of them? Most people that do not sign up to be an organ donor may give reasons for not signing up, like their religion, or that they.

Those numbers are astronomical. Citizens will not have to live in fear of their friends and family dying awaiting an organ transplant procedure. Potential donors pass away every day not leaving instructions or even making the decision that they wish to be a donor and every year thousands of transplantable organs are buried or cremated.

Potential living donors usually do not consider all the benefits organ donation has to offer. In order to become a well informed donor, you must know what organ donation is, how it works, and how you can become an organ donor and what organs or tissues you can donate. There are no age limits on who can be an organ donor.

But also religion beliefs influence the donations. Many religious people believe that it is forbidden t If it was up to me, i would introduce financial incentives but only for a couple of months. Generally, myths like this one that withheld most individuals to become donors themselves and as a result people in need of organ is taking a toll in meeting their demand. In general, people forget to make the necessary arrangements once they passed away, and as a result, there is less donors to contribute their much needed organs.

It is essential for the community to spread great awareness to address individuals with concerns that they may still have about organ donation. This problem can be dramatically changing if more people are willing to donate their organs. Today, transplantations of different organs would be a lot more common if there were more organ donors to donate. With less people being killed on the highways and in other accidents, the amount of organs needed for people who truly need them has decreased greatly.

I know from having heart problems myself, that if I would need to have a heart transplant sometime in the near future to stay alive that I would definitely want a cloned heart if nothing else was possible and I was able to receive one. Why, you might ask? Because I have not had a chance to live my life, and there are many other things I would like to experience, such as celebrating my twenty-first birthday, getting married, and having a family. But if we cloned human organs we would eliminate a major killer to the human race, and provide patients worldwide with a healthy cloned organ.

The opinions differ world wide because in Japan the survey revealed that more than seventy percent thought genetic engineering was unacceptable4. Although many people disagree with gene therapy, they forget that for some people this is a matter of life or death. Every year, thousands of individuals donate their organs, whether it is a kidney, lung, or liver, legally.

Despite the effort by the government, many individuals believe that the system does not do enough to quickly provide the help these chronically ill patients need. Because the already high demand for organs will only continue to increase with the growing population, some people feel they must cheat the system.

All of these people can be potential donors, but without the consent of the person or their family members, their organs will be left to decompose in the dirt instead of being donated to people who really need them. Making donations mandatory will eliminate the possibility of organs going to waste and being the all you can eat buffet for the creatures underground. Open Document. Approximately 21 people die each day awaiting life-saving organ transplants and a new name is added to the waiting list every 10 minutes Donatelifetennessee, Many people do not realize that a donor could potentially save multiple lives, not just one.

According to the John Brockington Foundation, a person can save up to eight lives by donating their organs, and can improve up to 90 lives by donating corneas and tissues. The John Brockington Foundation was created after former American football running back, John Brockington, received a kidney transplant from his wife in The foundation helps raise money and provides aid to people who receive and are waiting for transplants, as well as people on dialysis.

Along with the two I mentioned earlier. It is not that they have to undergo surgery that shocks them, but the shocking statistics of the waiting period to get the organ they need. There are thousands of people who have healthy organs and are willing to sell them for money that they could use to feed and house their children with. So, what is stopping them?

That can hold up the process for the person waiting for the organ. There is a lack of knowledge and education in the United States for organ donation. A system needs to be created where the person can gain more education on organ donation and able to ask the questions and get answers in return. If more education were given on the topic, we would have more donors in the United States. Gawande talks about the case of Sara Monopoli.

She was thirty-four years old and 39 weeks pregnant when she was diagnosed with life threatening lung cancer. She and her husband decided to actively manage the tumor. They started chemo and kept changing drug after drug because it did not work. Another patient around eighty years old had end-stage respiratory and kidney failure. There are currently approximately more than 10, U. S citizens that on the national waiting list just like Keith Powell who was mentioned earlier. Automatic organ donation after death would speed up the process of transplantation and contribute to save lives.

Just one organ donation can save up to eight lives. If the donor never has any problems with their kidney but a loved one starts having issues, they can use the voucher on them. This way the donor saved a life and either themself or loved one is saved in the process. A few hospital have adopted this practice, the donors do not get paid but in the long run it is a great help. Both sources talk about how many people need a transplant or are on the transplant list.

The article says the 13 people die a day waiting for a transplant and that 3, people are added to the kidney transplant list each day. This child was probably around two months into pregnancy when its life was took away. She began to think of the memories that they could have had together. Home Flashcards Create Flashcards Essays. Essays Essays FlashCards.

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