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Using paraphrases essays 24 hour essay

Using paraphrases essays

Along with quotation, paraphrase and summary provide the main tools for integrating your sources into your papers.

Scientific paper writing introduction They do not take patient assignments. Look through the paraphrasing strategies below to better understand what counts as an effective paraphrase. You may need to go through this process several times to create a satisfactory using paraphrases essays. She loves helping students and academics all over the world improve their writing and learning about their research while doing so! Academic Style The writing process What is the writing process? Summary moves much further than paraphrase from point-by-point translation. Examples of Paraphrasing Here is the original source an author might use in a paper: Differentiation as an instructional approach promotes a balance between a student's style and a student's ability.
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Defining moment essay examples Consider using either tool when an idea from one of your sources is important to your essay but the wording is not. Plagiarism is a serious offense in the academic world. Academic writing: Exploring processes and strategies 2nd ed. You may look at our general Web page on Documentation Systems, or you may check out any of the following specific Web pages. They can fail or dismiss students, knowing such students can attend public school. A summary is necessarily shorter than a paraphrase.
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One major reason to paraphrase is to capture main idea of the original text without using so many words. Use only one sentence or two in your paraphrase to capture this main idea—even if the original is an entire paragraph. The journal primarily considers empirical and theoretical investigations that enhance understanding of cognitive, motivational, affective, and behavioral psychological phenomena in work and organizational settings, broadly defined.

Those psychological phenomena can be at one or multiple levels — individuals, groups, organizations, or cultures; in work settings such as business, education, training, health, service, government, or military institutions; and in the public or private sector, for-profit or nonprofit organizations. The Journal of Applied Psychology accepts studies that increase understanding of a broad range of psychological phenomena and that apply to a variety of settings and levels, not limited by subgroup, institution, or sector JAP, Too often, research writers separate information from the current work and cited study into completely different sentences.

This limits the dialogue between the works, makes it boring for readers, and can even create issues of plagiarism if the paper is composed of too much quoted material. Include direct quotes within your paraphrased sentence to fix all of these issues and make your research writing much more natural and smooth.

The studies can be set or observed from a number of levels and are not limited to institution or sector. Some details from the original source are quoted because they are taken directly from the text. They provide important information that readers might need to know and it thus makes more sense to use quotes here. Although paraphrasing can be very helpful in helping to reduce instances of plagiarism, writers still need to follow the rules of citation and referencing carefully.

Here are a few things you must keep in mind when paraphrasing any original material. The following example is an attempt at a paraphrase of the above source text taken from the Journal of Applied Psychology website. Note that the author does not follow the above-mentioned rules to avoid plagiarizing the work. The Journal of Applied Psychology JAP accepts empirical and theoretical investigations that increase knowledge of motivational, affective, cognitive, and behavioral psychological phenomena in many settings , broadly conceived.

These phenomena can be at several levels — individual, teams, or cultures; in professional settings like business, education, training, health, government, or military institutions ; and in either public or private sector, in nonprofit or for-profit institutions. Some of the source text words have been changed or removed, but the underlined terms are identical to the original; overall the meanings and even the grammar structures have been copied.

Finally, quotation marks are missing. Do not use the same language unless you put quotation marks around the content. Example of Multiple Attribution Methods. In this example, the details in the source text and how they have been changed in the paraphrase are indicated in red.

Direct Quote : In her study of Antarctic penguin defecation habits, Brooks , p. Paraphrase : When studying Chinstrap penguin defecation habits, Brooks , p. Remember Me. Sign in. Sign in with Facebook Sign in with Google. A decline in standardized test scores is but the most recent indicator that American education is in trouble.

One reason for the crisis is that present mandatory-attendance laws force many to attend school who have no wish to be there. Such children have little desire to learn and are so antagonistic to school that neither they nor more highly motivated students receive the quality education that is the birthright of every American. The solution to this problem is simple: Abolish compulsory-attendance laws and allow only those who are committed to getting an education to attend.

This will not end public education. Contrary to conventional belief, legislators enacted compulsory-attendance laws to legalize what already existed. William Landes and Lewis Solomon, economists, found little evidence that mandatory-attendance laws increased the number of children in school. They found, too, that school systems have never effectively enforced such laws, usually because of the expense involved.

There is no contradiction between the assertion that compulsory attendance has had little effect on the number of children attending school and the argument that repeal would be a positive step toward improving education. Most parents want a high school education for their children.

Unfortunately, compulsory attendance hampers the ability of public school officials to enforce legitimate educational and disciplinary policies and thereby make the education a good one. Private schools have no such problem. They can fail or dismiss students, knowing such students can attend public school.

Without compulsory attendance, public schools would be freer to oust students whose academic or personal behavior undermines the educational mission of the institution. Has not the noble experiment of a formal education for everyone failed? While we pay homage to the homily, "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink," we have pretended it is not true in education. Ask high school teachers if recalcitrant students learn anything of value. Ask teachers if these students do any homework.

Quite the contrary, these students know they will be passed from grade to grade until they are old enough to quit or until, as is more likely, they receive a high school diploma. At the point when students could legally quit, most choose to remain since they know they are likely to be allowed to graduate whether they do acceptable work or not. First, it would alert everyone that school is a serious place where one goes to learn.

Schools are neither day-care centers nor indoor street corners. Young people who resist learning should stay away; indeed, an end to compulsory schooling would require them to stay away. Second, students opposed to learning would not be able to pollute the educational atmosphere for those who want to learn.

Teachers could stop policing recalcitrant students and start educating. Third, grades would show what they are supposed to: how well a student is learning. Parents could again read report cards and know if their children were making progress. Fourth, public esteem for schools would increase.


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