changes in the land william cronon essays

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Changes in the land william cronon essays pdf essay format

Changes in the land william cronon essays


Up until the arrival of the Europeans in New England, the Indians only took from the land what they could use and maintained simple lives. With the Colonists came a world of capitalism that assisted in converting a land of wilderness into a land of agricultural settlement flooded with fields and fences. By the interaction between the Indians, the Colonists and their relationships with the land had resulted in a transformed landscape that was far different from the one the earliest European visitors had described.

In Changes in the Land Cronon offers an explanation of the changing ecological conditions that occurred in New England with the arrival of the Europeans. Cronon believes that the actual ecological changes themselves are not as important as to why these changes occurred in the first place.

He feels that humans create and re-create their livelihood not just through social relations but also through ecological relations. He opens his argument by comparing and contrasting the precolonial ecosystems of New England with those at the beginning of the nineteenth century. Next he compares the precolonial relationship between the Indians and the land with those of the Europeans when they arrived in New England.

He spends the remainder o Continue reading this essay Continue reading. Toggle navigation MegaEssays. Cronon is right that nature, along with the Indians before the colonists, certainly had an effect on the change of forests in New England. However, as he states, a lot of deforestation would probably not have occurred had the Atlantic never been crossed.

The economic differences between the two groups were relatively noticeable. The Europeans had a lifestyle that was very much dependent on settled agriculture while the Indians had a lifestyle that lived off the resources the land provided. Europeans were driven by capitalism.

They were very focused on making money and benefiting the individual while the Indians were focused on communal living. They believed everything belonged to everyone. They were more concerned with the overall tribe as a whole than for the individuals in the tribe. The Europeans raised domesticated animals, such as oxen, cattle, and horses, which were used in the fields to help plant and cultivate the crops. This meant the Europeans were able to work at a faster pace and plant more compared to the Indians.

By planting more, the Europeans started to expand their areas and kept pushing the Indians further and further out of their own territories. Now I would like to move on to the social and political differences between the Europeans and Indian. The biggest difference that I noticed while reading, was the difference between the value of mon

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Free Essay: The Europeans changed the land of the home of the Indians, which they renamed New England. In Changes in the Land, Cronon explains all the. William Cronon's book Changes in the Land is a very detailed and informative explanation of the cultural and environmental shifts that North America. In Changes in the Land, Cronon explains all the different aspects Essay SampleCheck Writing Quality. The Europeans changed the land of the home of.