reflective essay on ancient civilizations

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Reflective essay on ancient civilizations essay on effect of television on youth

Reflective essay on ancient civilizations

You can change your ad preferences anytime. Ancient civilizations reflection. Upcoming SlideShare. Like this document? Why not share! Ancient civilizations reflection by grade4biss views. Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end.

WordPress Shortcode. Like Liked. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Be the first to like this. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. No notes for slide. Ancient civilizations reflection 1. While doing my research, I found it difficult to write my notebecauseit was too much and my hand was hurting. The most interesting thingI learned about the structure of society was that wealthy familiespaid for intelligent poor boys to go to school.

I think that gunpowderis an important legacy of ancient China because I am interested ithelped with wars and defense. Report WritingI am proud of my report because I wrote millions of pieces ofinformation. While writing the report, I became better atunderstanding ancient China because I learn a lot about ancientChina.

Our society shows science fiction has represented many different ideas and new explorations in our society today. Also showing the how humans live to improve and create new inventions to help the world advance. Shows what the real definition of human not the dictionaries definition.

Curiosity leads to new creations of space exploration, which improves our research. The journey to Mars provides jobs as we try to decrease overpopulation by colonizing space. Equal technology and a common goal keep the world busy and peaceful. The topic of finding new ways to save the world interests me because I consume a lot of post-apocalyptic pop culture media. Entertainment such as the Fallout video game series and the CW television show The emphasize the problems we have today of overpopulation, overconsumption, and paranoia of our fellow man and how society would crumble without diplomatic relations with neighboring countries.

It meant that people could survive in space and there was a possibility of making more discoveries. When the Soviets were able to the beat the US to a common goal when they were so close to accomplishing it themselves it logically lead to some tension and made the US more focussed on completing the next step in space history. When President Kennedy announced that the US would reach the moon before the Soviets it showed that the US wanted to win the Space Race and that they were going to do anything to redeem themselves after not being able to get the first person in space.

Ultimately Vostok 1 made the US want to have a larger breakthrough than the Soviets. This lead to the start of the Apollo Program. The saga was able to capture huge amount of audience that were really fascinated by the galactic fantasy. Star Wars references are deeply embedded in popular culture; references to the main characters and themes of Star Wars are casually made in many English-speaking countries with the assumption that others will understand the reference.

Darth Vader has become an iconic villain. Phrases like "evil empire" and "May the Force be with you" have become part of the popular lexicon. Seven hours into the hike we have not seen a single deer and wish that Scott would have just let me pick the hunting grounds.

But he kept insisting that this place produces monster whitetails. I finely decided to ask Scott. Today, the study of space is mainly carried out by astronomers; where previous discoveries were chiefly made by physical exploration conducted by unmanned space probes, satellites, and manned spaceflights.

These ongoing discoveries are fueled by the purest of human inquisitiveness and ever evolving technologies. The dream of venturing into the cosmic fringes of the Earth's atmosphere was first inspired by fiction writings of famous authors H. Wells and Jules Verne. And the star in the original was the great boris Karloff. Many great quotes in the movie comes from karloff's voice himself, which give his character depth and a colorful background. In the version Arnold Vosloo is the actor who plays the role of Imhotep.

One afternoon I was walking down the hall to go to my math class. When I got in the math room I saw that we had a substitute and it was Crazy Frank. Crazy Frank all of the students called him Crazy Frank, because it was said that he has a science lab under the school.

It isn't an ordinary science lab, though he turns little kids into dogs! I am a seventh grader and I am a curious kid so the next day I decided to explore the basement of the school.



The arrival of the Hebrews into Egypt brought a different influence to the ancient Egyptian way of worship. Their belief system and the sovereign expression of their God in the rescue mission of the Israelites from Egypt played a key role in creating change in the religious atmosphere in Egypt Oesterdiekhoff The reactions from various circles concerning civilization of ancient Egypt display a mixture of feelings.

Some scholars believe that ancient Egypt before civilization was of a unique distinction. Actually, according to history, it is believed that they were the first people to create a state embodying aspiration of the Egyptian race and the spiritual beliefs in the nation-state. The ancient state of Egypt which lasted for up to years showed a determined durability, assurance and extraordinary strength demonstrated by its framework of culture and an unmistakable purity of style.

The indisputable unity that existed between culture, state and religion fell and what is seen to have remained is its peculiar geographical setting Rosalie Indeed, religion in ancient Egypt led to myriad of other changes that impacted the society politically, socially and economically. For instance, early developments in religion shaped the political systems and structures in ancient Egypt.

Most of the rules and leadership dynamics used by Egypt rulers were largely borrowed from religion. The religiously-influenced political and social structures created other avenues and modalities on how people interacted. The sharing of religious activities in ancient Egypt has offered the world a broad perspective in understanding early social developments in Egypt. Contemporary life would have been rather blank in terms of rich history and perhaps, it would have been cumbersome to comprehensively bridge the past and modern history on religion and worse still, connect the future history with that of the past.

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It is because of this prosperity that these ancient cultures were able to make a variety of advancements in literature, architecture, art and a variety of other fields. These two civilizations also produced. Ancient Greece is often known for its strong advancements in philosophy. Ancient China is most well known for its inventions. The Ancient Indian civilization is usually not viewed as an important society in ancient history because they kept very few written records.

Most people don't know just how important Ancient India actually was in history. The scientific and mathematical contributions of Ancient Greece, China, and India have all had. Abstract Typically, Arabic civilization had significant contribution to algebra we use today. On the other hand, the famous Arab mathematician Al-Khwarizmi own the title the father of algebra. However, there is evidence that the ancient Babylon had stone tablet where looks like people exploring fundamental idea of algebra around BC.

Additionally, there are other civilizations and mathematicians such as Egyptian, ancient Greek, and Chinese also made significant contributions to algebra we use today. This scattering of lost history made the formation of a new West Empire. Christianity and Roman Catholicism played a dominant role in the shaping of the Western. There are three major parts that influenced and helped the development of the Western Civilization which is Mesopotamia, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome.

Mesopotamia heavily influenced the development of western civilization, by their organized. History is filled with a plethora of events, people, and concepts that have left an enduring influence. Society has developed many components which became foundational to Western culture from the Mesopotamian civilizations to the emergence of the Romans.

The contributions of a variety of cultures shaped the course of Western history. The Mesopotamians and Egyptians are among the first civilizations to make a valuable contribution to Western Civilization. Both Babylonians. The ancient Greeks and Romans were perhaps two of the greatest civilizations of the ancient world. The West is the history of what humans did that made civilization evolve into our modern era.

The West involves how social standards, morals, religions, political systems, culture, and technology developed over time. The West is where the origins of civilization started, and what humans did during their time period. The Western history biggest impact was by old ancient history, and how society got here today. The greatest philosophers, traditions, different ethnicities, and religion played an important.

Mesopotamia was the foundation of western civilization. This was around BC when cities started evolving in world history. The history begins at Sumer; this society brings many things to the table for a starting civilization. In BC the Sumerian people learned their own writing system. They would write. What contributions did near eastern civilizations make to history?

New ideas and inventions of Pre History man were important, but how they evolved and led to new and more complex ideas and inventions is imperative to history. Over time these advancements brought people into a more efficient living environment, making for higher population and spread of cultural, political, economic, and social ideals over large geographical areas.

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