uc college essay prompts 2013

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Uc college essay prompts 2013 individual software business plan

Uc college essay prompts 2013

But first, I think you need to explore what it is about dinosaurs that intrigues you. The essay needs to be mainly about you. What core quality do dinosaurs bring out about you, or do they represent to you? Your interest in them could totally be a world! What is it about the ancient world of dinosaurs that you love so much? Once you hit on that, share an example of a time you were in that world, and go from there.

Good luck! Me : I think your passion with dying hair could make a colorful essay. I believe there could be many life metaphors to hair dying, and that you could expound upon those. YOu need to decide what exactly you want this essay to say about you. I think the idea of personal expression and how you found the courage to explore that and step out as your unique, bold self could be a great essay. I think you are wise to focus in one one book, or one author, or even one place in a book, that has felt as though it transformed you into a different world.

Then I would think of an example from a book you read that you could recreate with your introduction to put us in your place when you are being transformed to that other world creative writing opp!! Let us see how even a small piece of a book can change how you think, feel, etc.

Then you can talk about how that book and then work in how other books have created a world, and then go into how they have shaped you—and end with how you will continue to use that quality in your future. The key is to get specific, and use those specific examples to support the point you are making about your world and what it means to you.

Thank God for books, right!! Basically I am a kenyan girl,brought up with good circumstances but my parents came from a avery poor background and my relatives are all poor. Whenever i visit my grandparents and my hurt to seem them live in conditions without clean water and beds when my life is so different. I have thing for leadership and I really have the ache to help my family, community and country. I am a normal students who enjoys debate, orchestra.

I have also travelled to japan,jordan, the US to represent my school in science fairs and leaderhsip conferences where i had live changing experiences that have ingrained my passion for science and technology. What exactly am I meant to write about?? You have great material for your essay here. If I wrote about a day volunteering at a hospital and how that has helped me aspire to be a doctor, would that work for the UC 1 prompt? Yes, it could be great. I would suggest starting by sharing one specific incident, interaction or moment that happened while you were volunteering, and then go from there to explain what you learned and how it inspired you to be a doc.

This could be great. The trick is to start by describing one specific incident or moment that happened or you experience while volunteering, and then go into the background of your general experience there, and then what you learned. I LOVE your idea! Just start by describing that first airplane ride, how you felt, etc. I was wondering if for the first UC prompt world you come from it is acceptable to write about how I used to go to Syria my roots every summer vacation and how the ongoing revolution there affected me.

Best of luck, JR. I could explain how I fell in love with robotics at that time. Would that be a valid choice? I was thinking of writing about my experience with chronic classical migraines and how they have affected me throughout my life — things like numerous trips to the neurologist and doctor and the frustration of still being left with questions unanswered.

But after trips to the doctors, I felt passionately connected to my disorder and learned to embrace it and learn from it by having intellectual conversations with the doctors instead of moping about pain. And how can I make this topic really have an impact. I think the world of migraines could be a great topic. Start by describing your experience enduring one, then tell us how you have dealt with them and what you learned.

I think you are clearly on the right track. Ever since I was a young boy I would come home from school to stay with my dad at his work. I really enjoy medicine and helping others out, so would this be a good topic? Would this be too cliche? And is it okay that I describe a memory that was like 6 years ago? Or would the prompt readers want something more recent? Thank you so much :.

Hi, for the first prompt can I write about how learning to play golf has taught me to be patient after the constant struggles I have gone through to be decent at the sport. Golf has prepared me to take on a rigorous major like computer science.

I think you can use golf as a world, especially if you take the qualities you learned playing it and applied them to computer science. Warning: if could be on the dull side. Try to think of something that happened while you were golfing, and what you learned from it, to illustrate your point instead of just describing it to us. But it will need focus.

What specifically are you trying to reveal about yourself as someone who loves this world? And what specifically is it about this movie theater world that attracts you the shows, the other people, the popcorn, the dark, the credits, the music, the previews…the more specific the better. Good luck, JR. Hello, I was wondering for the first prompt if writing about having eczema and multiple allergies since I was 2 and the itchy, uncomfortable world I come from has influenced me to pursue a healthier style of living would be an appropriate topic for the essay?

I love your idea. What have learned from dealing with your itchiness. The greater question: When do you scratch an itch in life? Just a thought. Hope this helps. Would this work? However, it all depends upon what you have to say.

If you are writing about how your team won the state championship, that could be very general and boring to read. But if something specific happened while you played a sport, and that shaped or changed or affected you in some meaningful way, that could still be a great essay. The trick is to focus on something that happened that illustrates one of your defining qualities. Great question! Thanks, JR. Hi, I was thinking about talking about how my bedroom is my world and how it has gave my this passion to want to experience things, like places, people, food, and events.

Then it expanded to me wanting to visit other places and experience things. Then I was thinking about going into why California would be good for me to jump start me on my experiencing adventure, since im from Florida. Is this good? I love your idea, but it could be tough to write about.

What is your greater point here, and what are you trying to reveal about yourself by sharing this? I like the idea that you open your thinking to new ideas and places with your drawings in on your walls, and how that motivates and inspires you to act.

Start with one specific example, the Eiffel Tower could be a good one. Then use that to help the reader understand your point. I have used my computer nearly every day since I was in Elementary school, and its really changed my life, for better or worse. I have, for instance, become friends with people from around the world, have been exposed to different idealogies and opinions, and have learned a lot about the world that I tend to hide away from. Your site has been a phenomenal help throughout my frantic journey of college applications, a thank you in advance!

Thank you! Could this topic work for prompt 1? I think the Internet can be a world that has shaped you. But you need to have a clear, focused point about what part of the Internet has been your world, and also how that has shaped you. I think if you are extremely isolated, you should first show us that so we can appreciate what your Internet world means to you. If you are just another student on FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Tell us something that happened in your Internet world, and how that affected you and what you learned. Then you might have a good essay. Remember, the more unexpected or unique your world is, the more interesting your essay will be. If the world itself is not that exciting, find something of interest that happened while you were in that world to give your essay some oomph.

Janine Robinson. I am wondering if I can I talk about the internet. The online forums are where I found my passion for technology. Hello- I am having trouble with this first prompt as I want to discuss my dream to be a doctor or a neuroscientist… But the only things that shaped this passion were how I felt when my friend was misdiagnosed as having emotional problems when she really had a spinal tumor and ended up losing her ability to walk after the surgery and my interest with learning about the nervous system in psychology class and how it is so complex.

Hi- I am also confused about writing the first prompt- I want to discuss my interest in being a doctor or neuroscientist but the only things that shaped this passion were 1 watching my close friend get misdiagnosed as the doctors said she had emotional problems when she really had a spinal cord tumor; then after surgery she lost her ability to walk. So from supporting her through that experience I first took interest in becoming a doctor out of my frustration that the doctors who treated her did not do everything they could to treat her.

But I also was humbled and amazed by the sensitivity of the nervous system and how we could lose everyday abilities such as walking and talking, which I had taken for granted by damaging it. And sometimes they can never be recovered.

The mystery of how they could not diagnose her also fascinated me as I became more curious about the mysteries of the nervous system. I know I am supposed to only focus on myself- so I was hoping my reaction to what happened to my friend combined with my interest in the nervous system from psychology would be sufficient. Is there a way to make it have more of an impact or to make it more personal? I want to write some stuff about my kindergarden imagination which influenced my life a lot.

However, how can i possibly connect this with the world? Please help me. Does this follow the prompt? My other essay is more science-focused as it discusses my research. Hello, this website is very helpful to me! Thank you so much for writing it. I feel like I am not defined by only one world so I want to include my family history as well as my world of books to convey my aspiration of travel.

My father and grandfather were war refugees and their experiences have helped me understand the necessity of travel whereas books have helped me understand the wonder of travel. Do you think this would be acceptable? Thanks a lot! My parents are loving and we have family time weekly. Overall, my life is good, I love life, I get good grades, and I volunteer for the community. I described a situation of me reading a book and described how the values that I got from books: be brave and believe in yourself, influenced me to pursue my dream of studying creative writing and literature in college instead of engineering like my parents want me to do.

Any pointers on whether this is good? May I please send you my essay for advice? Hi, I am planning to write about a visit to my ancestral village and how that whole idea of going there, in the middle of nowhere, multiple times at first seemed pointless to me but I slowly realized what the generations of my family have been through and what are my responsibilities to keep up the family name. These visits and talks to the local people about what happened decades ago and all the way from there till now has really inspired me.

Please let me know your thoughts on the same. I would like to thank you for the response. I described the world using that the name of the street that apartment is on. I think having lived the tougher life had allowed me to be appreciative and humble about everything. Any thoughts or advise would be very helpful. I think your idea is great. It if flow naturally, of course, mention what you hope to study or do in the future.

I really dont know what to do and this was the first and best thing that popped into my mind when i was reading your advice. Please help me! Hey, I really need your help. For prompt 1 I thought about writing about my trips to our local orphanage. I wanted to describe that I have hope in humanity after every trip to an orphanage. That I feel that there is a light in the dark. My family is a christian Latino family made up of 5. My dad and mom are both in a band and they sing every sunday.

I just know that my family has shaped my dreams and aspirations of me wanting to be a midwife nurse ever since the first time I saw my then baby sister in the little hospital crib and because I used to take take of my little siblings when they were barely months old because of my parents being in a christian band.

Can you please make some suggestions? My mom is an accountant and I look up to her and often went to work and followed in her footsteps, could that be my world? Or my relationship with money such as fundraising, having my own business and having a job at a department store be a world? Thanks for any guidance. Your topic sounds good. Thank you for your response. Do you think this is too risky to talk about? For the UC personal statement prompt 1, I was thinkiing about writing how my kidney problems led me to think about studying pharmacy.

Is this okay? For the UC personal statement 1, I was thinking about writing how my kidney problems led me to think about becoming a pharmacist. The things that made me dream seem negative, yet is it okay, although they do not relate to the things I like? Okay so for the world prompt, i have writers block. How would you go about telling my story? Basically i am a second generation asian american who is now living in taiwan, attending an international school for about 3 years now.

Your topic is good. How it affects you and how you delath with it. Maybe also how it cfhanged your world, really. You moved across the world for your dad. Thanks for sharing that!! CA Prompt 1. The power will come through by your sharing a moment with your dad. The trick is when you have super charged info death, illness, crisis, accident to almost understate what happened for the best effect.

Your feedback is absolutely wonderful and I was wondering if you could give me constructive criticism as well. For the UC 1 prompt, I was wondering if writing about jogging at the Rose Bowl would be a good topic. Please help and thanks! Hi, I will be applying to UC Berkeley as an electrical engineer.

What are your thoughts about centering my world around my parents garage? It is a place where my imagination of building likes to roam free, and has heavily influenced my dreams of becoming an engineer. I also would like to talk about my childhood memories with my dad in the garage, but the UC app says to focus on events within our 4 years of highschool.

Just last year, we moved houses, so my garage is now just a memory. Go for it! To keep it current, just link what you learned there way back to some things you have been doing more recently. For the describe my world prompt, I have decided to write about being in a dance studio, but I have no idea how to elaborate. Other info: I plan on majoring in biology. Please help! Also discussing her ultimate need to provide for me and my want to provide for her in the future.

Would that topic be too general or get the point across well. Thank You! Hi,I had an idea about the world I want to describe but I am not sure how to do that exactly. I was forced to take many new responsibilities which shaped my character. I have already written my first draft but apparently my teacher believes I am not describing the world.

How would I characterize this world? If you described what it was like to live with your aunt and children, I would say that qualifies as a world. As long as you help us understand how you dealt with them for an extended period of time, and if you can give details and examples to show how it affected you—and how you were changed in any way by that experience.

I think you will have an excellent world to write about and terrific essay, too!! Hi, I was thinking about writing my prompt about the is Boy Scout High Adventure trip where I bike about miles for a week with other scouts and another I just went to, kayaking around Catalina Islands. I was also thinking about writing about my experience in this solar car club last year or about how I always wanted to be in the engineering field when I was little.

There are great stories in almost every topic. Writing about Boy Scouts, however, can be cliche, depending upon how you write about it. If you write about a specific experience that just happened to take place during a Boy Scouts event, it could still be amazing. I have to say writing about the solar car club sounds very interesting, and seems to link more directly with your interest in engineering.

That would be my pick. I come from a family with ALS, breast cancer, prostrate cancer, Autism, and diabetes. I was wondering if writing about visiting my severely autistic younger cousin after school and helping out, learning sign language to try to communicate with her, and observing occupational therapists help my cousin progress would be a good topic?

Then go onto to show and tell us about how you handle it all give more specific examples, share your feelings, etc. Sounds like you have a fantastic topic!! For the world prompt, I plan on writing about how avid of a gamer I am. I was thinking about writing about my grandma getting diagnosed with brain cancer overcoming it and my role in helping her get through it along with my emotions.

I am writing a rough draft for the UC prompt about describing the world. Do you think if I could write about how I am in a gaming community where I want to be a well-known game for a video game by taking part in tournaments? However, many women such as myself feel insecure about being part of this community because of all the sexism and there were many instances when I ended up backing out. You see, I have always dreamed about becoming a part of the gaming industry in the future, and I thought that becoming involved in this type of thing is what inspired to me think of what kind of future I want.

Therefore, I was thinking about developing this essay by saying how the prejudice towards women in the gaming community is what helped shape who I am today: confident, unwavering, and just. In addition, my experience in the gaming community is also what helped shape my goals and why I am dedicated to this hobby.

So, what do you think? My description feels a bit bland, but if I were to develop it efficiently, do you think it would be something that colleges look for? Thank you in advance! My intended major is computer science. My dreams and aspirations include being able to use my programming skills to help advance modern technology.

I built my own computer when I was Any advice? For my personal statement 1, I want to write about how my love for singing has all come back because I joined my high school choir. I pushed my love for singing away because of the world I live in. My choir class makes me happy, and definitely has help me build confidence and take risks; I know i can achieve anything I set my mind to if i just give it a chance. I want to be a voice for others, and without the confidence of a singer, I would not have developed this special dream of mine.

I need advice on how I can tie this more to the first prompt. Hi, For this UC prompt, I wanted to write about belonging to two countries. I had no idea how to awkward. Then I wanted to move on and talk about how these two countries have influenced me. Is my idea okay? I would say just go on to then explain your background, and walk us through the good and bad, the up side and down side, of straddling two countries make sure we understand how they are different—culturally and what you learned in the process.

Send me your essay, if you want. I would love to read it!! Is that to vague? The only thing I can think of is how my parents have always pressured me to get straight As in high school. Could you give me advice on how I make it work or do you think I should just write about something else? I was thinking my specific anecdote would be getting temporarily kicked out of the house for not saying the family dinner prayer.

I was going to tie it back to my desire to work in politics as a lobbyist. What do you think about this about approach and do you have any tips? I love this idea!! This would be perfect for either UC prompt. I was wondering if it would be better if the essay tied in a way to what my intended major is?

Does that matter? I was thinking about writing either about the local movie theater that I go to. Usually my father and I have a quiet relationship but the only time that we really bond together is through watching movies at the movie theater. Through talking about movies we started to get more comfortable speaking to one another and actually discussing my interest in Biology and he was the one who pushed me to pursue my interest.

Good luck!! Hello im really stuck on this prompt and im really hoping i could get some guidance on it through you. Im not really sure what to write about. The only thing thats really come to mind is my mother. I find it difficult writing about her because i end up writing about her instead of me. I want to write about how shes turned into my world ever since i lost my dad.

She pushed my brothers and I a lot and has made things happen for us. I wanted to write about how its made me want to be as hardworking as her and give back in return to her everything shes done for us. I also wanted to add on to it by talking about my fathers brothers.

How can i prevent that. I want to write about how I struggled to adopt to new environment Russia. I was bullied for the first few years, but eventually Russia became a part of my world. And now my dream is to connect my country with Russia. Does it fit to the topic? Hi Janine! Things went all sorts of wrong, from dealing with hostile middle school classmates to getting a knee surgery in my freshman year of high school, which subsequently resulted in missing many weeks of school and slipped grades.

What does this mean for you? So, what are the prompts? In a nutshell, there are two prompts paraphrased—be sure to check the official UC website for exact instructions :. So stay tuned! Read more: UC personal statements prompts for Prompts for the UC personal statements remain unchanged for prospective students applying in the Fall of One way to stand out from the crowd is through the personal…. Our last discount expires soon! It helps….


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All Rights Reserved. Application Writing Prompts. Students must choose one of the following topics to complete an essay of no more than words: Some students have a background, identity, interest, or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it.

If this sounds like you, then please share your story. The lessons we take from obstacles we encounter can be fundamental to later success. Recount a time when you faced a challenge, setback, or failure. How did it affect you, and what did you learn from the experience? Reflect on a time when you questioned or challenged a belief or idea.

What prompted your thinking? What was the outcome? Describe a problem you've solved or a problem you'd like to solve. It can be an intellectual challenge, a research query, an ethical dilemma—anything that is of personal importance, no matter the scale. Explain its significance to you and what steps you took or could be taken to identify a solution.

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What does this mean for you? Well, if you are a rising high school senior (class of ), and you're planning to apply to the University of. information you present in other parts of your UC application, enabling the Office of prompt, then go back and review the word count, content, and. Common App Essay Prompts. Choose one. words or less. Strict limit.» Some students have a background or story that is so.