the prime of miss jean brodie essay

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The prime of miss jean brodie essay comparing contrasting high school college essay

The prime of miss jean brodie essay

Jean Brodie exerts her influence to a great extent in the novel. She is the teacher and, in the classroom, she is in charge. Miss Brodie tries to mould her students into what she wants them to become, often putting pressure on them to behave in the way she wants them to. Joyce Emily does as she is told and is later killed in an attack.

This desire for control would not be allowed in a school nowadays but Spark shows us how influential the voice of one adult can be over the lives of children that adult is responsible for. Miss Brodie is, from the start of the novel, understood to be a great admirer of Fascism. She has pictures of Mussolini, the Italian fascist dictator, in her classroom and talks about him in only highly positive terms to her students. Her beliefs are unique among teachers at the school who think that she is wrong to praise a dictator, especially in front of young, impressionable students.

This conflict between Miss Brodie and other staff members and some parents is one of the most important conflicts in the novel overall. In recent years, critics have looked at the novel through the lens of sexuality and what they have found is particularly interesting. The setting of the novel is an all-girls school in Edinburgh and the interactions between Miss Brodie and her students suggest that their relationships are not entirely free of the possibility of eroticism or sexual attraction.

Miss Brodie also manipulates her students' sexuality. For example, she is fixated with the idea that Rose, one of her most special students, should have an affair with a married male art teacher, Mr Lloyd, instead of her having an affair with him. She was most worried the intervening would change the story she was. Austen used techniques such as comedic and satirical irony, to break the mould of the expectations of the novel genre.

Austen could simply have written in the same gothic sensationalist style, or perhaps a sentimental novel, but she chose not to. Instead, she parodies and undercuts them, with subtle causticness, and ridicule. This technique makes the potentially simple story interesting. Mike must make an important decision that will either help or hinder his grandmother ability to resolve a past issue. Mike must determine whether he should reveal the truth or lie to his grandmother.

His grandmother feels distress because years before she had a serious disagreement with her husband, who died soon after, so the conflict was never resolved. While experiencing. The first distinct element that the reader notices in the narrative is the use of quotation references preceding the beginning of each chapter. Gerrymandering is one of those issues that is a problem and the legislature would need to fix this by changing electoral districts, it may have made sense at one time but not now.

Some of the problems within the judicial branch are setting laws for lower courts, the problem with this as with the other branches are that no everyone will agree with decisions or bills or laws being brought to the table, they may seem unfair or. Jenna realizes her shortcomings, and always questions how can we push our limits, but the key thing that she fails to do is act upon it, which brings further shortcomings.

Ron Schneider, while still trying to push limits like Jenna Fox, acts upon the ways that he can push the limits he is given, all while conforming and adapting as necessary. Relationships don 't always last forever but some do and she should see where it goes.

In the seams between new and old, younger generations repetitively are challenging the bottom line forcing people to question their ideals and models of life. This short story represents the deamination of those challenging the status quo and to achieve change you need to propose and accept. The continual persistence and dedication for change will not be. For example, I intended to discuss both negative and positive possible interpretations of the Brecht quote, and indicated as much, until that intention was entirely ignored in favor of finishing the essay.

Although that is simply an issue of time, it is important to know what is prudent to include in a paper and what is not, especially in a timed setting. Also due to the timed setting was the problem of messy and inefficient sentence structure, which is something I attempt to keep high standards for.

The inability to think out word choice before writing led to repetition and awkward word. With inventive story-telling techniques and fascinating characters the novel becomes persuasive and engrossing.


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