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Christmas essay free

Personally, I think giving a gift is just as great as receiving one. Most of the time giving can be even more enjoyable. The whole idea of finding that perfect gift, making someone smile, and him or her realizing that you put that much thought into just one gift is just one way which Christmas brings happiness to everyone.

They imagine seeing snow-covered houses lit up all along the street with their bright lights one trying to outdo another, and a large, fresh pine tree in their living room window covered with lights and bulbs with an angel perched onto the very top. That is an example of a typical outlook on a normal Christmas. Christmas time is my favorite time of year. I love the red and green decorations, and my beautifully decorated Christmas tree sitting in my living room.

I love the snow, when my grandma makes her gingerbread cookies, and the great music. Not a Member? Already a Member? Category: Other Topics. Length: 1 pages words. Views: According to It argues that each celebration is meaningful to those of that faith, but when "adopted" by the other, bec THAT was the real story! It did not rely on special eff In six pages the play and its meaning are discussed within a contrasting context of what it meant to s audiences and what it m In sixteen pages this paper discusses minorities and social mainstream individuals in a consideration of what is meant by 'insider Christmas symbolizes merriment and love.

It is celebrated with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm by everyone, no matter what religion they follow. Thanksgiving is the day when people thank the almighty for blessing them with harvest and also shows gratitude towards all the good things and people around. Christmas is a festival full of culture and tradition. The festival entails a lot of preparations.

Preparations for Christmas start early for most people. Preparations for Christmas involve a lot of things including buying decorations, food items and gifts for family members and friends. People usually wear white or red coloured outfits on the day of Christmas. The celebration begins with decorating a Christmas tree. Christmas tree decoration and lighting are the most important part of Christmas. The Christmas tree is an artificial or real pine tree that people adorn with lights, artificial stars, toys, bells, flowers, gifts, etc.

People also hide gifts for their loved ones. Traditionally, gifts are hidden in socks under the tree. It is an old belief that a saint named Santa Claus comes on the night of Christmas eve and hides presents for well-behaved kids. Young children are especially excited about Christmas as they receive gifts and great Christmas treats.

The treats include chocolates, cakes, cookies, etc.


I make my way to the frost covered back door,. As I open the door and step into a house full of cheek pinches and hugs, an array of. Christmas odor engulfs me, and makes my mouth water. In the next second "Millions" of. As my. Plates full of Christmas pastries, Christmas decorations, and Christmas music lightly.

I hear a voice saying "My have you ever grown up! Grandma, awaken from her heavenly sleep, stands slightly. I reach out and hug her. We both sit down and talk about my families prolonged journey to her house. The rest of the night carries on quietly. To my surprise, supper is served. On Christmas Eve, churches around the world hold evening services. Burning incense or leaving a peace offering is supposed offer some protection against Christmas Traditions Christmas signifies the birth of Christ according to the Bible.

This was the first time Christmas was celebrated in the Baptist Church. From many Christmas Traditions Christmas always comes as a very special time for our family. Never changing a thing Christmas comes and goes the same way every year. Imagine walking through an average family's Christmas celebration one might see, opening of presents around the Christmas tree, family dinner, engaging in friendly conversation. Every Christmas each family member is able to open one gift.

These gifts are brought just for the purpose of being opened on Christmas Eve. I really believe that most of our Christmas Eve is eating. And that's Our Christmas Eve All people in their lives went through the celebration of the Christmas. And today I want to talk about a poem that was written by Jean Reidy "Christmas". As we know there is no real Christmas night with out a "real" Santa Clause.

About the oppening the Christmas gifts. That means Christmas is an actually a holiday for everybody. Christmas in Finland is not just Christmas Eve and the two days that follow. The next main day this year is Christmas Eve. In Finland the Christmas tree is set up on Christmas Eve. Christmas morning is mostly basic to all families. Ever since I was a little girl, I loved Christmas.

I adore the smell of fresh pine from the tall, elegantly ornamented Christmas trees and wreaths. He said: Dear Santa Claus, thank you for coming to my house to bring me Christmas gifts. When you come to my house, I hope my dog does not bark at you. There will be milk and cookies for you on the dining table. But if you are still hungry, you can use our cell phone and order pizza to go. The Holiday celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. The actual birthday of Jesus is not known; therefore, the early Church Fathers in the 4th century fixed the day around the old Roman Saturnalia festival 17 - 21 December , a traditional pagan festivity.

The first mention of the birthday of Jesus is from the year AD. Gradually all Christian churches, except Armenians who celebrate Christmas. Home Page Christmas. Free Christmas Essays and Papers. Satisfactory Essays. Page 1 of 50 - About essays. Good Essays. Christmas: A Christmas Tree. Better Essays. Christmas Words 3 Pages. The Christmas Tree Words 3 Pages. The Christmas Tree. The Benefits Of Christmas. Christmas, Words 2 Pages. Christmas, Christmas In The Lottery. Christmas in America. Analysis Of Christmas Words 3 Pages.

Analysis Of Christmas. Christmas History Words 3 Pages. Christmas History. Popular Topics.

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