the crucible revenge theme essay

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The crucible revenge theme essay community welfare resume examples

The crucible revenge theme essay

Initially, Zeus prevented Odysseus and his men from going home. Poseidon continued punishing Odysseus through the story. Finally, an important record of the revenge seen by the reader in the report comes from Telemachus as he feels that it is necessary that he supplement their rude to his home and his mother.

Through the Odyssey, Homer used many themes to draw various characters and events. Some examples include betrayal and revenge, greed and eating, hospitality, the role and money of God Determining the amount of his position in Greek society, explaining the love for odysseus looting.

Beginning with God's most common role, you can see that many of these implications are cast during the Odyssey. This is the era of the history of mankind, in which humans played a leading role in society. The whole civilization structure is organized and controlled by people; it is a recognized fact that women are socially disadvantaged. Building a society is like a woman who serves men.

Participation in all situations of women is almost completely dominated by men's permission. Crime, punishment and revenge are the central theme of Medea, Euripides 'Greek drama, and Homer' s "Odyssey". Compared to "Odyssey" and "Medea" there is a big difference between the two ancient texts Most of the behavior in each case is to regain some things or to punish through revenge. In someone's criminal acts media, revenge constitutes the main action of the drama as Medea tries to impose punishment on her husband, Jason.

After the initial announcement of the text, almost every other scene was based on her attempt to attain full revenge, even if it was sacrificing her own child's life. Odysseus adventurers also have several other stories about revenge and punishment, which are very similar to the story of frames that Medea feels because it is a central issue of revenge.

The theme of Othello and revenge is "kill himself and die with a kiss. After the sarcastic of killing himself at the end of the Oslo Act, the manipulated Iaco brought this. He is the other victim of the revenge plan. This play was written in when the Ottoman Empire fought against Venice. Othello is a tragedy because the fraud and treachery of Iago led to the death of many people. Through the monologue of Iagu, he revealed his terrible behavior. Iago wanted to revenge Othello and his beloved Destromona.

He wanted to retaliate at Othello because he promoted Cassio to lieutenant. I've used his reputation "honest Iago" to manipulate other characters in the play to revenge Othello. I've noticed that he can easily operate people around to revenge Othello. After the closing of the fifth act, she killed himself in an ironic way.

Othello was operated by Iago. Othello is a tragedy due to deception and betrayal of Iago Othello - how is it ranked in the context of a theater written by hundreds of playwrights in the Christian era for years? In this article, find the location of this script and consider important comments in the process. Othello seems to have a beauty that is difficult to match - so the ranking is high.

Helen Gardner touched this beauty in "Othello: Tragedy of beauty and wealth". Writers often use the theme of revenge for the story. Because it adds plot and doubt to the story. Julius Caesar and Othello of William Shakespeare are two plays, of which the most important is vengeance. This can be explained by the letters, symbols, and settings of the two pieces.

Revenge is an immutable theme of Othello's play. It is drawn by Character Eago. I am decided to destroy Othello and his loved ones. When Caesar returned to Rome from the recent fight victory, he was warmly welcomed by all the citizens of Rome. They think Caesar is a hero and a strong individual. That's why they tried to make him three times.

Because of the tragedy in which the drama is seen as revenge, revenge must always be a universal theme. Revenge needs to be intertwined with role interaction, and we strongly grasp the dynamics of the plot. The wish of Hamlet, Lerters, and young Fortinbras shows that the Hamlet plot of William Shakespeare is fully deployed around revenge. When Hamlet told the ghost of the deceased father, the theme of revenge started very early. When a ghost told Hamlet Claudius how to murder him, Hamlet was provoked and denounced to correct the mistakes he made.

The revenge theme of the Shakespeare play "Hamlet" is developed mainly on the necessity of permanent revenge, but these all begin with the murder of Hamlet's father. The type of justice that seems to be popular here is the spirituality of eyes and eyes, and you must kill the murderer.

When people try to manipulate each other as a means to constantly achieve their goals, the plot twists and rotates. Unfortunately, for this complex revenge circle character, they get caught up in their plans and plans that ultimately lead to crash courses. Drama ends with the destruction of the entire Denmark royal family The theme of love and revenge in Shakespeare's "Hamlet's Love" is one of Hamlet's most powerful themes, but one advantage - the power of revenge promotes Hamlet's love.

His motives, madness, contradictory morality, and existentialism struggle can be at least embarrassed. In analyzing his role, Laertes and Fortinbras are quoted often as examples of less extreme roles that are similar but handle a more specific dilemma. Revenge of "The Metamorphosis" Revenge is a theme repeated in the book "Transformation". It is the cause of every transition that is usually explained by the story. The gods always revenge and transform humans into animals and plants to prove their superiority.

The first example of transformation of revenge is that Jove turns Lycaon into a wolf. Lycaon met with Jove in human form, but I do not believe that he is actually a god. Lycaon tried to kill Jove while he was asleep. Ovid is best known for Metamorphoses.

By creating a transformation in Okimid's epic, Okimid's epic, Ovid invited him to compare with his oldest Roman poet Virgil who deliberately wrote Eneid's Epic. Regarding morphology, rhythm and size, the transformation record is entirely in the epic category. However, with regard to content, metamorphosis has little in common with epics like Aeneid, Aeneid is characterized by a single story and a hero.

Indeed, Ovid clearly expresses the magnificent type of pleasure. There are stories in metamorphosis, they are related only to the common theme of transformation. Conversion from one shape and shape to another is the central theme of Ovid's transformation. The popularity and eternity of this work come from how to tell the story. Orbit tells stories about his culture and times and incorporates them into works that go through changing themes.

A humorous theme through metamorphosis is consistent with the sarcasm of the work and commentary. This theme will be presented at the beginning of transformation. There, the poet summons God who is responsible for change and appreciates his creative efforts. There are various variations from people to animals, from animals to people, from things to people, from people to things.

Some changes are the opposite: human versus humans. Even though no witchcraft was really ever practiced, if one plead guilty they would not be killed. Although they have, in turn, saved their own life, they have committed a moral sin. As the characters are faced with such a difficult decision, they are faced with the dilemma of lying to save their life, or standing up for what they believe in and dying.

This problem affects the characters mentally and emotionally. Among the accused were John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse. These two people had the courage that it took to stand up for their beliefs and ultimately died because of it.

Throughout the play the townspeople of Salem are terrorized by the fear of being accused. They soon become scared of life itself. The people no longer know how to live a normal life and carry out their duties freely, as they are persecuted by their peers for any, and every reason. The theme of revenge greatly affects the mood of the play as well. As the play starts out there is a general feeling of mischief


She started to accuse her of witchcraft by stating that Elizabeth sent her a spirit to stab her with a needle. Her revenge continues in the way of her telling John lies about Elizabeth to make Elizabeth seem like a lair and Abigail like a good person. Abigail, I will cut my hand off before it can ever reach you again page. Abigail started to understand that while Elizabeth is alive she will never have a chance with Proctor again.

Secondly, revenge was highly shown by Ann Putnam and Rebecca Nurse. Her thinking goody nurse was a witch made her kill her children purposely. Goody nurse The Lord knows I have not hurt them. I am an innocent person. There is a murderous witch among us page. For murder, she was charged!

So she was charged with murdering the marvelous babies. Thirdly, Thomas Putnam accused people through his daughter Ruth of witchcraft the people they accused were all from Salem. And there is none but Putnam with the coin to by so great a piece. Like I said before he accused everyone or the people he tried to accuse they were from Salem so his revenge was towards the people in Salem. This continued for a very long time so Putnam felt very powerful himself so he got very happy every time he got to accuse someone because he knew he would get to buy the land after.

In conclusion, this story contained a lot of revenge within it, all the revenge was very unfair towards the people it was used against. I explained three examples of how revenge was used in the story The Crucible. None of these examples of revenge were acceptable they were all wrong to do. Accessed July 23, Did you like this example? Stuck on ideas? Accessed July 23, Download paper.

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Abigail thinks that by accusing Elizabeth of witchcraft Elizabeth will be killed and then she can finally be with John. During these witch trials, many other people were accused and blamed for things that they did not do. It was mostly because of Abigail and her friends were lying about innocent people doing witchcraft. Although Lady Macbeth seemed evil and harsh at the beginning of the play, she gets taken over by her guilt in the end.

In the beginning, she was praying to spirits to give her evilness and to take away what makes her a woman. If she had the qualities of an evil person, then she would not have to ask the spirits to help her gain evilness. Towards the end of the play, she began to sleep walk throughout the night, and had hallucinations of blood on her hands from the murder.

However, after suspicions arise that she is a witch, she coerces the court into thinking several people of were witches to alleviate the blame from her. She paints herself as a worried, innocent girl who just wants to rid the town of evil, when on the inside she is dogmatic and manipulative, which causes her to indirectly sentence about twenty people to death. I saw Goody Osburn with the Devil! It also may resemble his dynamic as a character, he has little change throughout the story.

In the first act, he believes his affair with Abigail irreparably damaged him in. Her actions were understandable since Jason only wanted his children for power. However, Medea also ends up proving that her husband was right because her actions were indeed barbarous. Young girls who were fooling around with witchcraft were able to save their reputation by blaming other citizens for using their spirit to compel them to see hallucinations and become unconscious.

Reverend Hale is passionate about saving Salem from evil spirits, being that he is well-educated on the subject. You loved me, John Proctor, and whatever sin it is, You love me yet! John, pity me, Pity me! This means she thought John loved her which led her to be angry and to start blaming people to be witches because she wants to be pitied.

This point seems convincing enough for John to be blamed but Abigail is the one who makes up the fake story and admits to doing witchcraft but later on saying she was saved and started to blame the others who had nothing to do with the situation. This is why Abigail Williams is most responsible for the uncontrollable witchcraft situation in. This kindled a powerful hatred that Abby had towards Elizabeth that would soon cause much more than a little harm.

Once the idea of witchery took deep root into the hearts of the people, many were accused and arrested. Out of the selfishness of her heart, Abigail accused Elizabeth Proctor of witchcraft in an attempt to be rid of her so she could have John. She kept telling herself that she was in love with him, and she would use any opportunity to her advantage to be rid of Elizabeth.

This however, would not bode well with John. If someone wanted land and they couldn 't get it, they would say that they are a witch and the person would get hung. A lot of people died because of getting blamed on about being a witch. There is a lot of movies that can relate to the. Abigail seeks revenge on Elizabeth throughout the play because, she is in love with John, and wants to be with him. Abigail helped begin the Witch Trials by originally wanting revenge on Elizabeth, and then she assists in the conviction of many innocent people.

Without Abigail wanting revenge on Elizabeth, many people would not have been falsely accused for witchcraft. He accused Putnam of prompting his daughter to accuse their fellow townsmen of witchery, like George Jacobs, in order to seize more land. The tension between Corey and Putnam shows the tension between people in the town, but it also exemplifies the way they manipulated people in order to receive power for themselves.

The Accusation and Punishment of Witches in Salem In the late s in Salem, dozens of people were accused of practicing witchcraft and working with the Devil to torment people. It all started when a child grew ill for seemingly no reason, causing the people of Salem to believe a witch was among them.

Children started accusing men and women of witchcraft, and those men and women would pay for their alleged crimes. They were thrown in disgusting jails, chained to the walls, drowned, lit on fire, and hanged for crimes they did not commit. People confessed to working with the Devil for the chance that they would be spared by the church. Lines Abigail Williams is a prolific liar, and she led many people of Salem to their deaths with her lies, when she was trying to keep her name in Salem innocent.

She tries to convince John Proctor to leave Elizabeth and to go with her, after he cheated on Elizabeth with her. She lies multiple times throughout the lay, and the devastating effects that they have on. Putnam was one of the first characters to blame witchcraft for his own daughter's sickness, along with the minister's daughter, Betty Parris.

For example, it caused her to be in distress and drink the charm in order to kill Goody Proctor. Furthermore, it also caused Abigail to form a plot to frame Goody Proctor with form of voodoo involving a poppet and needle. Throughout the entire play of the Crucible, Abigail Williams portrayed the characteristic of a selfish teenager whose actions were only to help herself. She accused many innocent people of committing the crime of witchcraft, which nineteen were later hung. She is telling lies about me!

This hysteria of witchcraft sweeps over the village - even the authorities fall under the sway of these lying young girls. Caught in the middle of these hysterics is the family of John and Elizabeth Proctor, who have struggled in the past due to John once having an affair with Abigail when she was employed by the Proctors, but are trying to rebuild their. The Crucible focuses on witchcraft that takes place in Salem.

Abigail and Elizabeth both share their love for John and their personal characteristics are negative and positive. A group of girls pretend to be possessed by witches to cover up what they have done. People get accused of witchcraft and have to testify if they are a witch or not. Revenge in The Crucible is portrayed very negatively throughout the entire story. People began to reveal their anger with revenge on friends, enemies, even their neighbors for things that had been done in the past and present.