temple university application essay prompt 2013

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Temple university application essay prompt 2013 free resume teacher templates

Temple university application essay prompt 2013


And if, like me, you are somewhat worried about you personal information being secure on the internet then the Common App is not for you. My application for Temple University took 20 minutes. This was not including the essay, which I recycled from another application. Most schools use a simple checklist format that requires basic information in an easy-to-use format.

At the end of the Common App you have the option to invite recommenders via email to upload or fill out a basic form. This email can be difficult to access and the recommenders need some type of code, which I am still not sure how to find. Unreliable, the Common App sometimes quits unexpectedly or takes a long time to respond. While they are working to fix these glitches, seniors are aware that college applications are due on a timely basis.

So, when the operating system does not comply, that creates anxiety and unnecessary worry. After feeling frustrated and fed up with the Common App, I opted to fill out my applications individually on the schools' websites.

I suggest you do the same. After TUJ, I would like to go to graduate school for human rights and development, or work with an international non-profit organization. So that they can develop as professionals familiar with both the practice and theory of communications, students may undertake an optional internship.

I knew I wanted to travel and be in a new environment. I am really happy at TUJ. It is a wonderful place to get a great education in a global environment. There are so many teachers and students of various nationalities, which creates a culturally enriching atmosphere. The courses are interesting, too. Many have improved my ability to think critically and analyze more thoroughly, as well as stress the importance of teamwork and networking.

These skills will benefit me in any career path I choose. While I am undecided on what I want to do after university, my academic goal is to get accepted into the DBMD program. I also want to participate in a summer session in Rome. I want to make use of all the opportunities TUJ has to offer and enjoy life. Those with an interest in journalism can work in magazine writing, the online space and broadcasting.

Our goal is to develop students intellectually and prepare them for professional-level competency in media. Being in Tokyo is superior for internships, given the international reach of both Japanese and foreign media. These are the qualities we emphasize in the program. The communications realm is changing rapidly. TUJ allows you to get an education from a topnotch faculty as well as experience a new culture and gain a wider perspective. See page 17 for details.

Students may specialize in international relations, religion, art history, economics or history. Asian Studies majors must study an East Asian language. If you believe that the passport to the future includes having good English language skills, computer skills, and critical thinking abilities, TUJ is a very attractive option. I found TUJ while living in Japan and searching for a global university.

What I continue to like most about TUJ is its uniqueness — being able to study in Japan while also exploring opportunities at other Temple campuses. Through the IUT [intra-university transfer] program, I was able to study at Main Campus in Philadelphia in fall , and am planning to return there to graduate with a degree in Asian Studies.

I would like to learn more about Asia, specifically Japan, as well as developing Asian countries and their relationships with developed countries such as the U. What I learn about different kinds of people and how to interact with them will undoubtedly help me in my future career. Going forward, I plan to continue my studies and improve my English while also looking for a rewarding job, where I will have opportunities to meet people from around the world. I also plan on continuing with my volunteer work.

Jeff Kingston Ph. History , Columbia University Professor Kingston specializes in the political economy and social history of modern Asia and conducts research on Japan, reconciliation, transitional justice, law and social change. He has edited two collections on the 3. Currently he is writing a book about nationalism in Asia.

Faculty Profile 12 We offer everything from foundation courses such as drawing, painting and two-dimensional and three-dimensional design on up to an advanced level of study. Art majors are also required to take digital-based courses involving digital photography, computers, and the Internet.

They learn how to inspire others, not just through verbal communication but also through their work. By inspiring others, you share a connection to what they create as well. Tokyo is known as a center of design and fashion, and lots of contemporary art comes out of this city, making it an amazing place to study art. We view all of Tokyo as our campus, so we work with students to utilize the dynamics of the city as a resource. Courses include design, drawing, painting, three-dimensional design, printmaking, digital photography, digital imaging, Internet imaging, moving images, motion graphics, media arts and art history.

The faculty teaches studio art from the viewpoint of its connection to such disciplines as psychology, literature, philosophy, mathematics, biology and physics. I thought this would expand my career opportunities after I graduate. My parents see I am serious and support me. Everyone at TUJ is friendly. The campus is small, so there are many chances to see and talk to students from all around the world.

There are many field trips in the art classes, not only to major museums but also to small galleries. These lead me to a better understanding and enriched perspective of art. I have been pursuing painting at Main Campus since fall I would like to take advantage of various communication media that have been developed and become an unconventional artist. Ryota Kuwabara Japanese Transferred from a Japanese university. Won a scholarship and transferred to Temple Main Campus in fall 13 It aims to achieve advanced and well-balanced proficiency in Japanese so that students will be well-equipped with linguistic skills and fully prepared to engage with the wider scholarship of Japanese studies.

It lays a special emphasis on language acquisition and its mastery so that students establish a solid linguistic foundation through integral language courses coupled with skills-based courses. TUJ ensures an optimum language learning environment for students where they have the opportunity to pursue their studies alongside Japanese students on campus and in the local community. At TUJ, students who take up Japanese language have a strong interest in international careers, in U.

I first learned about TUJ when a recruiter came to my high school Japanese class. TUJ became my answer to a dream. Though I am only in my second semester, I have already learned a great deal. Knowing about many subjects will help me as a translator.

I plan to become fluent in Japanese and learn many more subjects before I leave TUJ so that I can have a good chance of succeeding. TUJ has become a step to reach my dream career, and I am looking forward to the next three years of my education here. Courses address such issues as economic development, creation of wealth, fundamentals of economic policies, and financial theory and principles. Psychological Studies provides a broad understanding of psychologyasthescienceofhumanbehaviorandofitsunderlying mental processes, while uniquely focusing on cross-cultural and Asian issues.

It analyzes and systematizes political systems, political theory, and international relations. Students sound out the dimensions of these three sectors in basic courses before they specialize. They are strongly recommended to study a foreign language. General Studies enables students, in consultation with the Academic Advising Center, to design an interdisciplinary major in the humanities critical languages, English, philosophy and religion or the social sciences American studies, Asian studies, economics, history, political science and psychology.

Students may create an area of study that embraces an intellectual theme, such as environmental and population control, human rights, war and peace, or moral and ethical responsibilities. Students spend their first two years at the Japan campus completing most of the required General Education courses, and take a certain number of required major courses online.

Students then transfer to Main Campus to complete their undergraduate degree. After completing the first three years and most of the required undergraduate courses at the Japan campus, students enroll in the master's program and study the final two years at Main Campus.

In the fourth year, students take their remaining required undergraduate courses while also taking courses in the master's degree program. TUJ and Musashi University have introduced a credit exchange program which provides students at both institutions with enhanced educational opportunities as well as facilitates academic collaborations and exchanges.

Students who participate in this program are able to take courses that are not offered at their home institution without having to pay extra tuition. For international students at TUJ majoring in Japanese Language or Asian Studies, this program will provide excellent opportunities to challenge themselves by taking classes offered in Japanese at Musashi.

They can also get to know more Japanese students through cultural exchanges. At ICAS lectures, seminars and symposia, international scholars present their work on Japanese and Asian social, cultural, and political issues. In many cases, videos of the sessions are available on the TUJ website. History to U. TempleUniversityMainCampus Temple University is a comprehensive public research university with a year history of academic excellence.

Located midway between Washington, D. East Coast, Philadelphia is a major metropolis whose history goes back to the founding of the United States. Students at the Japan campus can register to transfer to Main Campus to complete their degree. With this many majors, Temple offers an academic program that will meet almost every educational goal. ScholarshipsandFinancialAid Scholarships and Grants Incoming degree-seeking students with demonstrated academic excellence and other exceptional qualifications are eligible for scholarships that cover the matriculation fee or a significant portion of full-time tuition.

Students with demonstrated financial need may be eligible for need-based grants. Continuing Student Scholarships Full-time undergraduate students who have completed 12 credits are eligible. Scholarship awards are based on academic merit and, in some cases, financial need. External Scholarships Many cultural and academic organizations, businesses and government offices offer scholarships. Research online and ask your teachers and supervisors to see what may be available.

Check the TUJ website for links to useful scholarship search sites. Financial Aid U. Contact the department of education to see what may be available for study abroad students. Scholarships are offered every semester to both new and continuing TUJ students. This was one of the main reasons I chose TUJ. After being enlisted in the United States Navy for eight years, I became accustomed to being around and working with people from various backgrounds and various parts of the world.

The GI Bill assisted me in pursuing my college degree, which would have otherwise been unachievable without putting myself into debt. The revisions made to the GI Bill in provided more benefits, most importantly living expenses, which allowed me to focus on school instead of trying to work and attend school full-time. Embassy or on one of the U. I decided to stay in Japan because I have established a life here with my wife and kids.

Tokyo is a city filled with people from many different cultures and I believe such environments are healthy and better represent the world around us. I think it is very important that my children are familiar with both their American and Japanese cultures. Each student is given comprehensive guidelines to assist in job hunting and career development. Career Calendar Career Development Program TUJ provides a tailored development program to all students looking for full-time employment after graduation.

This program consists of a series of group seminars, individual counseling, distribution of useful materials, and on-campus career fairs. Students who keep up with this program will be prepared for job hunting in Japan. The career fair gives both students and alumni the opportunity to meet with a variety of company representatives and discover what kind of employees companies are looking for.

This is also a great opportunity to practice interview skills. All TUJ students and alumni are welcome to attend. Recently, more companies in Japan are hiring non- Japanese college graduates who are bilingual. There are many job opportunities in Japan for multilingual and multicultural people. Higher demand for those who can play an active part in this global market is one of the reasons why TUJ maintains a high job placement rate despite the current economic situation.

The Career Development Office provides a variety of support services to help students prepare for job hunting in Japan. Students gain valuable work experience and also build future career plans. Some students work for the same organization as a full-time employee after graduation.

These days, The Japan Times continues to aspire to those founders' aims of providing Japanese domestic news to the world in English. For the past few years, we have sponsored interns from TUJ, and have been happy to discover that many TUJ students share our beliefs. While interning with us, TUJ students have demonstrated healthy international standpoints, proactive attitudes no doubt fostered by their American education, impressive bilingual communication skills, and diverse interests.

Under the guidance of professional editors, student interns have worked side- by-side with professional journalists in conducting interviews and writing articles. It is a pleasure to work with TUJ students and assist them in building their professional skills. The Japan Times Mr. The classes and professors made the experience very enjoyable and challenging. The hands-on approach to teaching international business made me feel I was gaining practical knowledge along with theory. The pinnacle experience for me was my internship at GE Capital Japan.

I felt that the employees there really cared about my development, and gave me challenging and rewarding projects. GE Capital Japan was a good mix of learning and producing something of real value for the company. I wanted to get an American education as I was keen on working in an international organization.

After doing some research I found out about Temple. The university seemed perfect as it is located in the center of Tokyo, giving me an opportunity to experience Asian culture as well as study with students from around 50 countries. I was able to debate, present, work on teams and make life-long connections with people whom I thought I would never be able to know.

I really enjoyed the international environment and wanted to find a workplace where I could get a similar international atmosphere, leverage my skills, and constantly challenge myself. My current role as an operations analyst in Goldman Sachs is exactly this — I am able to work with diverse teams and am constantly challenged to think outside the box and do better.

Coming from Russia, living in Japan and studying in an American university helped open my eyes to a very interesting world of opportunities and find an excellent firm to work for like Goldman Sachs. Still, I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciate the experience. Through TUJ, I was able to find part-time work, intern at a sizable Japanese company, and gain valuable knowledge and insight into local job hunting. It is owing to such experiences that I now work at Rakuten, Inc.

Looking at what I have achieved, I cannot help but express my sincerest gratitude to those who have made my dream of living and working in Japan a reality. There is the staff and faculty at TUJ, and the many friends with whom I have had the pleasure of sharing both good times and bad over the years; I cannot name them all. I can go on about my experiences at TUJ, but to do so would barely be scratching the surface. Perhaps it is enough to say that when I graduated, I did not want it to end.

TUJ has given me both professional skill and experience, and personal memories to cherish for years to come. I hope to do justice to both as I move forward with the next stage of my life. These activities are designed to cultivate social relations among our diverse university community and advance the university's mission as an international institution in Japan.

Student Government also organizes events during the semester to help promote active student life among the general student body. These organizations help students identify others with similar interests, and promote friendship among students.

The center features a language-learning lab with individual study spaces. Academic Advising Center The Academic Advising Center helps undergraduate students choose and register for courses and plan their programs of study. It offers one-on- one advising to assist students in over- coming academic challenges.

The campus has wireless Internet access. OSS also works with the Student Government and other student organizations to encourage social interaction among students with different backgrounds by creating events and activities that appeal to all TUJ students. The studio is also fully equipped with state-of-the-art software for digital editing and graphics.

Library TUJ maintains a collection of over 55, books and subscribes to several hundred journals and magazines. Through an online gateway, TUJ students can access the vast online resources of Temple University, including thousands of full-text journals, e-books and databases.

Through inter-library loan, students may borrow materials from libraries worldwide, including those of Temple Main Campus and Japanese universities.

What are Temple University's admission requirements?

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Dissertation management ScholarshipsandFinancialAid Scholarships and Grants Incoming degree-seeking students with demonstrated academic excellence and other exceptional qualifications are eligible for scholarships that cover the matriculation fee or sipa courseworks significant portion of full-time tuition. See More. Read Article. A large American-style commencement is held every June. Follow us on all of our social networks:. A funeral mass was held at St.
Temple university application essay prompt 2013 Common application essay prompt with resume template. Students currently enrolled at another 4-year university wishing to spend a semester or academic year abroad at TUJ are welcome to apply. Nominees must have at least a 3. Audrey B. Students must undertake an internship and study an East Asian language.
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Temple University Japan Enrollment by School/College Any questions concerning the material presented in this book should be directed to. about which you have questions or comments in general. Freshman wait-listed students (students who met admission requirements but whose final. Questions or suggestions regarding the content of the Undergraduate Bulletin may be General College Graduation Requirements - Music.